Smart watches and bracelets: We live the 'weareable' era

Smart watches and bracelets: We live the 'weareable' era

We still don't have a clear name to refer to them in Spanish, but every time we have more options to expand our wardrobe of pots: They are the ‘Wearables’, or clothing technology to wear, who aspire to become a kind of essential of our daily "weapons of war".

We were clear that they will be an outstanding trend of CES 2014 and we are not mistaken. New proposals for smart watches come to the fore, now accompanied by bracelets or bracelets also "smart", which promise to be our ideal companions when it comes to sports, such as LifeBand Touch from LG, the Sony Core or the Garmin Vivofit, which you can see in detail in the galley that accompanies this article.

Now, what is the novelty of these pots to take in the grimace? Honestly I have to confess that it seems to me rather little: For years we use gadgets that help us monitor our sports performance, only that for a while now the mobile is involved in the task of taking care of our health when exercising … And little else.

But the manufacturers do not stay there, and beyond insist on helping us discover that sudden 'need' that we are all supposed to have an extension of the mobile attached to the grimace, go one step further and present us with technological clothing for babies

This is the case of Intel, which has partnered with Rest Devices to manufacture "Mimo Baby"; an intelligent pajamas for the smallest of the house, which being equipped with multiple sensors monitors the health status of the baby and shows different parameters related to their health in the mobile of their parents, through special applications for iOS and Android.

The million dollar question is: Is it really time for technology to dress? Are clothing tech the future? It is difficult to decipher it, especially because if we do a simple exercise and see around us how many of our acquaintances or friends wear a smart watch in their faces, the picture seems bleak for this segment …

However, the big manufacturers seem to be clear about it, and the truth is that I think that if they are still so focused on the subject, investing in R&D (and marketing), it is a matter of time for us to end up wearing connected glasses, smart watches and how much cash 'smart' is emerging. A matter of time and nothing more … Don't you think?

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