Sebastian Jimenez

Lost Soul Aside receives a new conceptual art that represents the stormy weather

The developer points out that "he is still working hard" in the action role-playing game.

It's been a while since we heard about Lost soul aside. UltiZeroGames recently released some new works of art, which represent a stormy scene with the protagonist Kazer. The developer said in a tweet that he still couldn't share more information, but that "he was still working hard."

Lost soul aside It has had an interesting story: it is essentially an action role-playing game inspired by characters like Final Fantasy 15. It started as a project developed by a man, Yang Bing. Since then, UltiZeroGames is managing the development and is even part of Sony's China Hero project.

Lost soul aside It is exclusive to the PS4 and has looked pretty good in any game we have seen. Even so, without a launch date or window, one has to wonder if it will be launched for this generation of consoles (the PS5 will come out next year, after all). Stay tuned for more details, maybe there may be an update in the coming months.