LG's NanoCell technology wants to lead conventional LED screens

LG's NanoCell technology wants to lead conventional LED screens

Last CES 2019 LG was one of the brands that surprised with its innovations in technology
dedicated to OLED screens presenting curved screens, with sound under the
themselves and even one that rolls up. LG currently not only concentrates its
efforts in OLED technology but also wants to enhance the quality of
conventional LED screens through its new technology NanoCell.

The operation of these LED screens basically has improvements at the nanometric level and consists of a filter that absorbs the light eliminating unwanted wavelengths achieving a more accurate color reproduction.

Among the things in
which emphasizes LG to differentiate itself from the competition lies the fact
that these screens use an IPS type panel getting the different
viewing angles do not harm the reproduction of colors for those
moments when many people are viewing the screen in addition to
count on the assistance of preloaded Artificial Intelligence.

As a plus this type
of televisions have a remote control called Magic remote that
works with an interactive pointer to point directly to the screen
to have dedicated buttons for apps and if that wasn't enough already
Understand voice commands perfectly in our language.

There is no doubt that in the matter of LG TVs he wants to become a leader and his new technology directly compete with Samsung's QLEDs. Who do you think is better? Let me know your preference in the comment box, we are reading.

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