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Know the devices that are connected in your WiFi network

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<p><strong>WiFis networks have long since arrived to stay with us</strong>, a type of technology very demanded among users and that has experienced its particular <em>boom</em> with the massive arrival of smartphones and tablets to our homes.</p>
<p>However, this type of technology involves some risks that we do not see in wired networks, and that is that the reputation they have of vulnerability and that they can steal your Internet connection from them is a drag that still accompanies this type of networks , so that <strong>Today we are going to see what application can help us out of doubts and see what devices are connected to our WiFi network.</strong></p><div class=

The application in question is Wireless Network Watcher, a free software, that runs without installation because it is portable, valid for Windows 2000 and higher, including Windows 10 and that allows us to obtain a list of all the active connections in our network, all in a matter of seconds and without any management on our part.

The first thing we should know is that We can only analyze the networks to which we are already connected, so it is mandatory to know the password to access that WiFi as a starting point, that is, this software is not designed to check technical or similar vulnerabilities in this type of networks, only serve us for our own connection.

Having said that, as soon as we open the application, start the analysis, without having to perform any type of action or anything similarEverything is instantaneous, open and ready, and after a few seconds we will see the list of connections completed.

Once the analysis is finished, we will see from each device its IP address, name, MAC address, device information, detection date and some more data, so this information can be very useful to identify which devices are ours and which are not.

The software is lacking, for example, If a computer is well protected with a firewall, it does not respond to pings and it is definitely hidden, we can hardly see it and know that it is there, but the truth is that for the vast majority of devices we will be worth, especially for smartphones, printers, etc.

Thus, If you want to know now the devices connected to your WiFi network, do not hesitate to run this application and so get this information in just a few seconds and without doing anything else.

Wireless Network Watcher | to download

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