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How to use offline maps in the app

Google Maps

Google Maps has become one of the most popular applications on Android. It is an app that is constantly updated with new features, such as displaying the car speedometer, or information about natural disasters. In addition, it is an ideal application to use during our holidays, since we can take advantage of it in many situations.

Not only if we want to look for gas stations in our area, we can also use the maps wherever we are. Even if we do not have an Internet connection it is possible to use the maps of the application. Google Maps has an option that allows this, downloading the maps in advance. Here we show you how to use this function.

Download maps in Google Maps

Google Maps download maps

One of the options we have available is that of download a specific map before traveling to a site. In this way, we download the map at home, having an Internet connection and then at the destination, where we will not have a connection, we can use this map at all times. It is a very useful function in Google Maps, which we can therefore take advantage of. To make use of it we just have to follow these steps:

  • Open Google Maps on your Android phone
  • Press the three horizontal stripes at the top of the screen
  • The application side menu opens and enters the Offline Maps option
  • Click on the “Select your own map” option
  • Find the area you want to crop to create on your map (you can zoom, to have the ideal map)
  • The application will say how much space it occupies
  • Once the map is selected, click on the download option

Thus, we will have said map available at all times. Especially if we leave Europe, where our data rate usually charges us additional money when connecting to the Internet, it is a good option. Since we will have this map available on Google Maps, but without using the Internet at any time. We can repeat the process as many times as we want in this regard. So if you are going to visit several regions, it may be interesting to download several maps in this regard.

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Download city maps

Another option that is of interest in Google Maps is that of Download the map of a city. It is possible that on our vacation we will visit some city. Therefore, having a map of that city on the phone is a good option to consider, since it allows us to move comfortably in it, only needing to have the map. To download maps of a city, the application offers a different method from the previous one, but also very easy to use. The steps to follow in this case are:

  • Open Google Maps on your Android phone
  • Search for the city from which you want to download the map (using the search engine)
  • Click on the lower area, where the name of the city comes out
  • Click on the download option
  • Select the area you want to download using the blue box (you can zoom)
  • Click on the download button when the desired map is ready

With these steps you already have the map of any city you want downloaded. Then, if we enter the section of offline maps in Google Maps we will see that this map is already in it. So we have access to them at all times in a really simple way. We can download maps of several cities if we want, in case we go to visit several cities on our vacation. This is already to the taste of each user.

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