Design change in Play Store ratings

Design change in Play Store ratings

The recommendations help us know how good a product can be and directly influence the decision to acquire it. The same is currently happening in the app market. I don't know if this happens to you, but if you see that the application has less than 4 stars, you have to start doubting if it is good.

Apparently Google cares about the query that we as users do before downloading a new application for our Android device and has begun to launch an update little by little that will make this query more friendly.

One of the changes has been in the colors shown in the app's rating bars. Before the bars corresponding to each star were represented with different colors, but now we have a simplification of green in all the ratings.

The most important change in this update is the ability that will give us to filter people's opinions among the best and the worst. In this way we can now know the best and worst features that an application has before downloading it to our device or paying for it.

From Tecnocat it seems to us that this is a very good thing since the rating of the apps is directly the way in which the developers know what improvements they should make in them for our satisfaction and we invite you as followers to always rate an application.

At the moment, as we say, the update of deployment gradually among Android users, but it is a fact that reach the entire world. Don't you already have this feature? If so, tell us what you think about the comments.

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