Apple introduces iPadOS: the new operating system for the iPad

Apple introduces iPadOS: the new operating system for the iPad

wwdc 2019 apple ipados 2 720x720Apple tablets already have their own operating system: it is iPadOS, which promises to revolutionize the use of iPads and is now available to everyone after a series of beta tests.

A few months ago, Apple announced several updates that were already expected at its World Developer Conference (WWDC 2019), but something that took by surprise was the launch of iPadOS. And now, the new operating system specially designed for iPad has already been officially launched and is available to all owners of an Apple tablet.

Since its inception, the Apple iPad has worked with the iOS operating system, the same with which the iPhone also work. However, the manufacturer acknowledged that, regardless of the iOS update that is done, the iPad goes beyond what iOS can offer. Therefore, I decided to create a new operating system intended only for this device called iPadOS.

Although iPadOS is based on the principles of iOS, it adds new, more customized capabilities to the iPad, to give it utility and accuracy, With iPadOS, the iPad is even more powerful, and although it still has a way to go to replace your laptop, its enhanced versatility promises to facilitate the workflow. Among other new features, iPadOS allows you to have several applications on the screen at the same time and gives you new ways to work with applications in multiple windows. In addition, now there is native support for USB flash drives, it has a redesigned Home screen with more information and an easier way to use the Apple Pencil.

From what we see, iPadOS is not a small update. It is paving the way for a better future for tablets and closing the gap between tablets and laptops. This is what you should know about some of the improvements that iPadOS brings.

Multiple Applications

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Now with this new dedicated operating system you will be allowed to jump between applications and see open apps be easier than ever.

As if that were not enough, this new operating system has the split screen mode that allows you to place two applications, one next to the other, which facilitates the work between them, especially if you need the information of both.

Best of all, you can even place two instances of the same application side by side, so you can have two Microsoft Word documents or Notes side by side for easy reference. The Files application now has much more functionality, shows metadata and can be organized in columns. It even works with disk drives.

New home screen

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With iPadIOS, the home screen has been redesigned with a new look to show more applications on each page. Likewise now Today view It can be added to the home screen, allowing you quick access to widgets to get information at a glance, including headlines, weather, calendar, events, suggestions and more.

More ways to use Apple Pencil

IPadOS has not only arrived to change the appearance and functions of the iPad, but also its ally, the Apple Pencil.

Now Apple's specialized pencil will be more integrated than ever into the iPad experience. According to the manufacturer, you can now bookmark and send complete web pages, documents or emails on the iPad, simply by sliding the Apple Pencil from the corner of the screen.

Also, a redesigned tool palette is available that will give you quick and easy access to dozens of tools such as color palettes, shapes, object erasers, a new pixel eraser to remove any part of a stroke and a rule to draw straight lines .

In the short tests that were made at WWDC 2019, Apple Pencil movements look more natural and delicate, and this is probably because Apple is using advanced prediction algorithms and optimizations to reduce its industry leading latency to such Only 9 milliseconds. Remember that before that latency was 20ms.

Browse with Safari as if you were on a PC

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For a more comfortable visual experience from your iPad, iPadOS offers a desktop version of Safari for the iPad screen, and not only that, but also optimizes it with touch, so that web applications such as Google Docs, Squarespace and WordPress work very well in Safari on iPad.

It is worth noting that Safari supports important new features, such as a download manager, 30 new keyboard shortcuts and improvements in the administration of tabs.