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About the Apple Mac Pro 2019: this is all you need to know

More than five years have passed since the launch of the last Mac Pro and Apple is no longer the first choice for many creative professionals. Whether it is carelessness towards the model or questionable changes in the MacBook Pro, Apple has a lot of ground ahead to regain the trust of its users. But this 2019, it seems that an updated Mac Propodra be among the plans. Although there is still nothing certain about its specifications, we have found a series of leaks and reports. This is all you should know about the next Mac Pro.


The new Mac Pro will be priced up to its specifications and what it promises to deliver to its users. Start at $ 5,999 dollars, which makes it the most expensive Apple product in the catalog. Naturally, there will be numerous versions, all customizable and accessible within this new modular design.

In terms of availability, many sources indicate that the new Mac Pro will be available for orders in the fall of 2019, although we currently do not have an exact release date. The new computer was announced along with a new 6K external monitor called Pro Display XDR. The price starts at $ 4,999 dollars, while professional support costs $ 999 dollars, for a grand total of $ 6,000 dollars.


mac pro 2019After years of relying on manufacturing facilities in Asia, Apple announced that its new, expensive and redesigned Mac Pro will be manufactured in the United States. While the final assembly of the product will be done in Austin, Texas, the company said in a statement that the high-end computer also used components manufactured by more than a dozen US manufacturers and suppliers, which are located in places like Arizona, Maine , New Mexico, New York, Oregn, Pennsylvania, Texas and Vermont.

Apple could only manufacture its Mac Pro in the US after receiving a federal exclusion for some necessary components. Earlier, in 2013, the company announced plans to move the Mac Pro to the US, but since then it could have analyzed maintaining its facilities in China, probably to keep costs down. The Wall Street Journal initially reported that the computer was manufactured at a Quanta Computer plant on the outskirts of Shanghai.


new mac pro apple interior 2 1500x1000In 2018, Apple gave an interview to TechCrunch that focused on the Mac Pro, and one of the purposes was to confirm that that year was not launched. This was partly to crush rumors, but it also seemed to be a direct confirmation that the new version will come later. Giving a previous hint little feature, Apple called it "product 2019".

In 2017, Apple mentioned that the Mac Pro will be a modular system. That was confirmed again in 2018. What do you mean by that? Although we cannot be completely sure, there are two possibilities.

First, it could mean that the Pro is literally modular, with a lot of hardware customization and the ability to easily update the computer according to your specific tasks. This could involve customizing your ports, adding more RAM, personalizing for VR and updating the GPU. At least, some of this customization is likely. After all, this has always been one of the biggest complaints from users about the iMac Pro.

Second, Apple may be talking about a broader type of modularity, in which the Mac Pro is designed to work well with many different accessories and peripherals, in flexible and demanding work environments. As reported by TechCrunch, it includes configurations in which the Mac Pro worked with multiple iPad Pro connected, a MacBook Pro and an external GPU. Apple wants the Mac Pro to be defined through workflows and can effectively and quickly do whatever task is necessary.


Apple Park TourThe new Mac Pro be very focused on artists and creative technicians. In fact, Apple hired a group of professionals so they could see how these people actually used the hardware and software behind the Mac Pro. While contacting and visiting the best artists and designers directly was possible, Apple found it very It is difficult to see these professionals in action, because they often work in large films or brand campaigns that involve keeping certain things secret. So, I decided to hire them for their own projects, so that I could see how they interacted with the team.

"We have focused on visual effects, video editing, 3D animation and music production," John Ternus, vice president of Hardware Engineering, told TechCrunch.

Apparently, many adjustments have been made, although Apple points out that these are not necessarily related to performance or even if they are all focused only on the Mac Pro. Rather, it seems that they are adjustments to make things easier for users in general, including Software changes to help speed up certain processes.


mac market share drops to five year low apple 27 imac with retina 5k displayIn 2017, Apple Vice President Phil Schiller said about his professional clients: ?We want them to know that we are going to work on a screen. Since the Mac Pro is a modular system, we are also going to make a Pro screen. ?

It is safe to assume that this part of the project has not been abandoned, especially because we saw leaked information from a new Apple desktop monitor in November 2018. This monitor appears to be around 27 inches and is similar to the design of the iMac, but with thinner edges. We can also expect a resolution of 5k or possibly higher, as well as a design made for the connection to Mac mini and Mac Pro.


Mac Pro 2013 FanWith all references to modular systems and Apple admitting that the old Pro did not have enough space for things like storage and memory expansion, it is expected that the new Mac Pro will look very different from the previous version.

In its early days, Mac Pro was a block computer that resembled traditional PC towers. Apple radically redesigned the Pro for 2013, when it became a single cylinder with two chip panels and a central fan for quiet cooling.

Apple could maintain the design of the cylinder for its cooling advantages and to facilitate upgrading, but it could also have decided to redraw everything and create a new body that benefits its modular objectives. However, the new Mac mini has a design very similar to the old one, so it will not be surprising that Apple is inclined to follow the previous design, but renew it with moderate changes.


Apple's T2 Co-processor

The Mac Pro processor is still a cause for speculation, but we can bet that we will see the same T2 chip of the iMac Pro and the MacBook Pro. It's simple, it keeps Apple's goal of using its own processors and providing a lot of power.