A smart ring to control all activities

A smart ring to control all activities

Like smart watches, rings connected as Oura perform a general monitoring of user activity, but with a more discreet design Credit: Gentleness Oura

They may not be ideal to ask for marriage, or as flashy as to show them in a meeting or outing, but smart rings or smartrings begin to be seen in more and more hands. Nor do they grant super powers like the Green Lantern, nor are they as colorful as the
 , but they already began to be very popular for their ease of use and comfort.

What is it about? Something popularized by several of the members of the
Argentine national basketball team in the last World Cup, held in China, and also
Manu Ginbili
 . These are devices that also enter the category of wearables (clothing technology) that show the data obtained by the activity of each person: hours of sleep, steps taken, heart rate, kilometers traveled and burned calories, in addition to the usual mail message alerts or calls received, social media updates. All that information collected is stored in an app in the

The amount of messages that will be obtained will also depend on the type of smartring chosen. Before choosing any, you have to keep in mind that they must have a Bluetooth connection and be compatible with your own smartphone.

The basketball player Facundo Campazzo with the Oura ring, an accessory that some members of the national team began to use on the recommendation of Manu GinobiliThe basketball player Facundo Campazzo with the Oura ring, an accessory that some members of the national team began to use at the recommendation of Manu Ginbili Source: Archive

Then there are options: some bring small LED screens showing the details of the notifications. Others only vibrate. Some models include NFC technology (
such as the one used to charge the SUBE card) and are responsible for paying remotely (posnet), opening doors with smart locks (
smarts locks), unlock smartphones or manage passwords: you just have to pass them over the device in question and that's it. Many, in addition, do not even be loaded.

Just a few weeks ago, Amazon recently introduced
Echo Loop, your own smartring. It measures blood pressure, analyzes sleep, offers an optical response (which allows certain physical sensations to be felt),
It has two microphones and a speaker, which is considered one of the smallest that the company has taken, according to Amazon Clarify in the official statement. It vibrates when any notification is received.

The internal sensors of the Oura smart ring


In addition, it connects with Alexa, so that it is possible to dictate instructions to the finger, such as turning off the light of a house or composing a WhatsApp message. And also to be able to respond with sound, remembering the shopping list or indicating how much to tip a restaurant. Its price is around 130 dollars.

For its part, the
Jakcom Smart Ring R3 NFC is ideal for sports and is about $ 1800. It serves both to unlock devices, pay remotely, share information (send a personalized card to another smartphone, for example), it is water resistant and allows you to observe all the health indications that are used for physical activity: cardiac rhythm, sleep hours , distance traveled and more.

Motiv Ring can also monitor sleep and physical activity, count the steps and distance traveled, burned calories and heart rhythm. At the same time, using it and raising your hand in front of the PC, it is possible to unlock access to web pages. Of course, this model requires charging because it is responsible for transferring information to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The battery lasts between 3 and 5 days. It is one of the premium models, you get for around $ 19,799.

Echo Loop, the smart rings that Amazon have with support for voice commands from the Alexa assistantEcho Loop, the smart rings that Amazon have with support for voice commands from the Alexa assistant

Another smartring that promises is the
ORII Smart Ring, whose strength lies in allowing you to answer calls just by bringing your finger to your ear. The Hong Kong company also explains on its page that with your device it is very easy to control the music that is being played on the smartphone and listening to the headphones: with simple gestures, you can increase or decrease the volume, move from a song to other or pause. But it also includes more other functions to control home devices. You get 150 dollars.

Some models are still in the prototype phase. The model
Token, wants to go even further with his model The Ring: he intends to open not only the door of the house, but also that of the car, function as an access card (for work, for example), transport card (replacing the traditional ones ) and also so that it is not necessary to type the key in the PC or notebook. It includes a biometric sensor for unlocking. It will be officially launched in 2020.


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