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Xiaomi, Googe and bq, among the best rated according to the OCU

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<p class=It seems that Xiaomi is getting what has been proposed in unseating Apple is concerned. And everything indicates that he is on the right track. In this case, with specific data from several countries in Europe and Latin America.

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has carried out a study of customer satisfaction with smartphone manufacturers, and the results have not left anyone indifferent. Xiaomi, Apple, Google, Motorola and the Spanish company bq manage to top the top 5 of this ranking, prepared by the OCU together with different consumer associations from different countries such as Blgica, Italy, Portugal and Brazil together, evidently, with Spain

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has managed to get the first satisfaction post, with a not insignificant grade of 8.4 points: obviously the quality-price ratio of its products is its main asset, and that from the Apple of China as they call themselves clear. Followed by Xiaomi, Apple is only 0.3 points apart; specifically with 8.1 points. In this case, iPhone gets the worst score of all smartphones in terms of battery life with 5.5 points, compared to Xiaomi 7.7, for example.

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<p class=In third place, Google is with its Nexus devices which, in this case, ties in points with Apple in 8.1. However, the Mountain View company worsens in aspects such as the camera of 6.9 compared to Apple's 7.6, but gains in the reliability variable ?with 9.5 compared to Apple's 9.3.

Subsequently Motorola continues with a score of 8 points, getting the second best score in the resistance section. Y In fifth place we find the Spanish brand bq, with a score of 7.8 points: sharing with Motorola score of 8.3 in ease of use, and getting the second best score just behind Xiaomi in terms of battery life.

On the opposite side of the list, we find the French company Alcatel, Blackberry and ZTE. Surprisingly, ZTE one of the largest manufacturers worldwide leads the line in terms of overall satisfaction by the user, with a low 6.6, followed by Alcatel with a 6.8 and a 6.9 for Blackberry.

It is curious that Xiaomi leads this position in a market in which it does not officially operate, As is the European. Nothing negligible data that may be of interest to the Chinese manufacturer to assess the idea of ??arriving in Europe earlier than expected. Who knows, it gives us a surprise too early.

Were you surprised by the Top 5 of user satisfaction in this OCU survey? Why would you bet as a winning horse?

OCU source