TuLotero, the app to play the online lottery

Gambling regulated by Plotting and State Betting They are very popular in Spain and, although to play most of them, buy tickets on paper, the truth is that apps like TuLotero They also allow you to do the same from your mobile or tablet.

The great inconvenience that physical tickets have is that they can be lost, broken and even damaged if they forget in a pants that you then put in the washing machine, so the alternative of having the tickets on your mobile It is a very interesting option.

They have the same validity as a paper ticket, but with TuLotero you have them perfectly stored to check them later, just as if it were a physical one, so that you do not lose them in your wallet or inside your home.

Buy, check and create peas

TuLotero allows you Buy and play the National, Primitive, Euromillions, Gordo, Christmas and Nio Quiniela Lottery and other online gambling safely and without any commissions for the purchase of any of those tickets.

Image - TuLotero, the app to play the online lottery

It is one of the great strengths of the application, along with the simplicity it offers in the purchase of the different tickets and their interface, because est all classified by pestaas so that the player knows where each of the tasks he can perform in the app is.

To play in TuLotero The only thing to do is add balance to the user account (by credit card or transfer) and start looking for the different games in which you want to participate, buy your ticket and then even share it with your friends and family easily.

When the day comes know the results of the lottery, Primitiva, Euromillions and others may use TuLotero to check if yours has been rewarded or not, if so, you can collect the money obtained in full in your profile.

Likewise, if you have bought tickets for different games, you will also have access to a comfortable calendar to know on what date the result of each game takes place every week, so you can watch for that result in case it matches your bets.

Not only can you buy and check lots and other games of chance in TuLotero, one of the latest additions is the possibility of play the same ticket together through the peas, so the chances of winning a prize multiply.

In case you are wondering, TuLotero is a completely secure app from which you can buy tickets as if you were in a lot administration, with the difference that you do when you want, without waiting and comfortably from your home or anywhere.

That also implies that you never miss any of the tickets purchased, because in TuLotero you can check them all whenever you want since a specific section is included for this, so that you can see them again if you want repeat bet on occasion.

This app is ideal for those people who do not have time to go through any lottery administration or because they simply do not have any nearby. TuLotero is present in different administrations and any of them can have this service.

TuLotero It is a free app available for iOS and Android, although if you want buy lot, one Euromilln, the Primitive or other tickets on your Android phone, you will have to resort to the installation of the app through .apk package.