The features of iPadOS that will make your tablet more productive

The features of iPadOS that will make your tablet more productive

Announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2019, Apple's new operating system created for the iPad tablet is now available to all users. Intended to give you the simplicity and ease of use of iOS, but also give you a more productive experience, in Digital Trends in Spanish We tell you what are the main features of the iPadOS that you should know.

Slide over

Slide Over is an excellent way to keep an application ready to use. With this function, you can have multiple programs and switch between them quickly and easily, just as you do on your iPhone. You can also drag an application to the top, so that it appears in full screen.


Sidecar | Best features of iPadOSSidecar | Best features of iPadOS

Now you can use your iPad as a secondary Mac screen or at least you can do it when MacOS Catalina is available. Sidecar works with cable as in wireless mode. Although it is still a somewhat limited feature, you can also interact with your Mac through the touch screen.

Mouse stand

While Apple did not announce iPadOS mouse support during its presentation, developer Steve Troughton-Smith confirmed that the new operating system supports the use of these peripherals through a USB connection.

When you connect a mouse to the iPad, you see a cursor similar to the one that appears on the screen when the iPhone has its home button broken. In other words, it looks more like a virtual finger than a mouse cursor. Troughton-Smith also ratified compatibility with the Apple Magic Trackpad.

New home screen

New home screen | Best features of iPadOSNew home screen | Best features of iPadOS

With iPadOS, your tablet also offers you much more information, because the widgets can be anchored directly to the home screen. What does this imply? You can access news headlines, weather information, calendar events and more, directly from the home screen. Applications are now also organized in a tighter grid.

Multiple window applications

Multiple window applications | Best features of iPadOSMultiple window applications | Best features of iPadOS

Perhaps the most interesting features of iPadOS for many users are presented in the form of productivity updates. For example, your iPad supports multiple window applications. In other words, you can open several of one application. For example, you might want to have two Safari windows.

There are also quite useful productivity functions, such as copy, paste, undo and redo gestures. How do they work? If you use three fingers, you can pinch to copy or extend them to paste. You can also slide them left or right to undo or redo, respectively.

Improved application of Files

New application of Files | Best features of iPadOSNew application of Files | Best features of iPadOS

The Files application also has more features thanks to iPadOs. Now you have a new column view to get a better view of the hierarchy of folders. It also supports USB drives, so you can import files directly to your iPad. You can also see rich metadata, as well as compress (and unzip) folders to share. And not only that: iCloud Drive, which you access through the Files application, now allows you to exchange folders with other users.


Safari also has some changes in iPadOS. In particular, it now automatically loads desktop versions of the sites, instead of mobile ones. This is ideal for using web applications such as Google Docs or WordPress. Safari also incorporates a download manager and allows you to set the configuration per site. It also warns you about weak passwords and offers a new toolbar.

Apple Pencil

Less latency for the Apple PencilThe Apple Pencil will have less latency on iPadOS.

The Apple Pencil is used by many graphic designers. The iPadOS seeks to improve the experience for those who use it on an iPad. While using this tool had a latency of 20 milliseconds (ms), which is already low, Apple managed to reduce it to 9 ms, which should make drawing and writing more natural. The Apple Pencil can also be used to bookmark websites. In addition, it has a new tool palette.

Text editing

Apple also incorporated a series of gestures to edit text on iPadOS. Instead of using the magnifying glass to scroll, you can simply drag and drop the cursor where you want. In addition, you can use three fingers and swipe left to undo and right to redo, as well as copy and paste.

All of iOS 13

iPadOS also incorporates practically all the features found in iOS 13. For a complete list of the novelties of the operating system for iPhone check our summary, but these are some of the main functions:

  • A dark mode for the entire system.
  • Better location permission control and ability to control authorizations for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • HomeKit Secure Video, a system that allows you to control cameras in HomeKit.
  • Find My Friends and Find My iPhone has been integrated into a single application: Find My.
  • The Cmara application incorporated a new function, while the one in Photos added editing features.
  • Apple Maps added a function similar to Street View called Look Around.
  • CarPlay incorporated a renewed dashboard to display maps and Now Playing information on one screen.

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