The 15 best Live Wallpaper apps for Android

The 15 best Live Wallpaper apps for Android

Android allows you to customize its complete interface according to your taste. You can use app launchers, cones packages, widgets and more to customize your Android device so it looks exactly as you want. While I use all these personalization features, what I most personalize is the background of the home screen by using wallpaper applications. Wallpapers are the best way to customize the look of your device in seconds. I personally like live wallpapers. A good live wallpaper looks fascinating and adds a bit of character to your device. In this article, we will share with you a list of the 15 best live wallpaper apps for Android that you can use:

The best Live Wallpaper apps for Android

1. Muzei Live Wallpaper

We will start our list with probably the most popular, which is also one of the best live wallpaper apps for Android. Of course, the application I'm talking about is called Muzei. The application automatically updates your current wallpaper to a new live wallpaper every day . The best thing about Muzei is that it supports multiple sources with the help of its add-on features. This means you can download additional wallpapers from the Play Store. It is a good live wallpaper application and you should check it out.

Install: (free shopping, in the application)

2. Hexagonal Shaders

Hex Shaders is a very unique live wallpaper application that basically shows animated hexagonal pixels with a shader program. The wallpapers look hypnotic, futuristic and unique . I really love your wallpapers. There are 20 different types of hexagonal color designs from which you can choose. You can also customize different wallpaper properties, such as level of detail, time scale and more. If you like unique and futuristic design, definitely give it a try.

Install: (free shopping, in the application)

3. Automs HD

Another unique and beautiful live wallpaper application is called Automs HD, which provides a highly complex, stylish and interactive viewer that looks absolutely beautiful. Basically, there are thousands of colored particles swirling in the wallpaper and behave differently depending on whether you are sliding, holding or just touching on the screen. Depending on your interaction, sometimes you see fireworks, whirlpools and fireflies, among other things. This is one of the few wallpaper applications that I have paid with my own pockets so I know it is good.

Install: ($ 3.99)

4. Earth and Moon

If you love space-themed wallpapers, you will love the Earth & Moon live wallpaper package. The application brings a live 3D representation of the earth, moon and clouds . He also uses his phone's gyroscope to induce incredible 3D parallax effects that look amazing. You can adjust different settings, including camera angle, parallax effect, animation and more. Believe me, you will love this application. If you want similar-style animated wallpapers but you don't like what this application offers you, you can learn to create your own Google Earth-style 3D wallpapers or simply download the APK for Google Pixel 2 animated wallpapers.

Install: (free shopping, in the application)

5. Chrooma Live Wallpaper

If you are fantastic of wallpapers with abstract shapes, then Chrooma Live Wallpaper is the application for you. The application has constantly changing wallpapers that change as soon as you return to the home screen. The shapes in the background move slightly and give a 3D parallax effect. I love that colors and design are inspired by Google's Material Design language to make you feel at home on Android devices. This wallpaper application is also a great people who love minimalist wallpapers.