Organize your event calendar with Trackendar

Organize your event calendar with Trackendar

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<p>Sure if you have one <strong>Very busy schedule, a very stressful job or you are one of those who points everything</strong> so you don't forget any pending tasks, <strong>you will have some calendar application and / or pending tasks</strong>.</p>
<p>If you need to combine the two concepts, that is to keep track of your tasks as well as having all your activities programmed in the calendar, you can consider installing an application like the one we propose today, it is called <strong>Trackendar and is quite useful and effective</strong>.</p>
<h2>Download and install Trackendar</h2>
<p>You must go to Google Play, write your name in the search engine and download it to enjoy this activity manager. This version (1.10.2) occupies only 4.9 MB and has been recently updated (May 13). The only requirement is to have Android 4.0 or a higher version.</p>
<p><strong>It is free in exchange for supporting advertising</strong> (nothing invasive) at the bottom of the device, but it has integrated products that do have a cost.</p>
<h2>Learn to use Trackendar</h2>
<p>Once the application is open, you will see that it appears in the <strong>main view one month of a standard calendar</strong>. To create events you must click on the + and icon <strong>add the name of the same, da / s, hour / s, or if you want the application to notify you by an alarm</strong>.</p>
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Every time you create a new event you must choose between three options: Occurrence, Hbito or Value. The first is for events that only occur once, the second refers to those who can happen or not and that they are ordinary events, for example go shopping for food (after the app ask you if you did it or not) and finally Value used to record magnitude data.

trackendar options

If you click on a specific event you can visualize a graph where the values ​​are shown for a period of time, which can be very useful if you are doing the tracking of a specific magnitude, For example, him weight after working out at the gym.

The application will allow you show statistics of minimum, maximum or average values, with the interesting option of exporting said graph as CSV file, so you can open it in Excel or Google Sheets.

trackendar graphics

One of the disadvantages of the application is that data is not synchronized in the cloud, so we recommend you make periodic backups by choosing to exporate to Google Drive.

This is an interesting option for monitoring usual activities, but It is not as recommended as usual calendar, since in this case we prefer options such as Google Calendar or Todoist.

And you? What application do you use to track your activities?

Trackendar | Google Play

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