Google Hangouts will close by 2020

Google Hangouts will close by 2020

Large companies must sometimes do without some things to give rise to other advances that allow them to achieve their goals. Google Hangouts arrived a long time ago with the entry to Google Plus social networks social network that in my opinion nobody uses, by the way to give life to videoconferences within the platform.

According to sources close to the company with information from 9to5Google the application will be withdrawn by the year 2020 and added to this it is known that the development for this has ceased more than a year ago.

It is true that we once got to use Hangouts to do a team work, but if they ask me it was a minimum compared to other social networks or Skype itself. It didn't happen to you?

Google is probably betting on messenger technology now RCS in conjunction with the operators to cushion the disappearance of the app and of course compete with WhatsApp or iMessage, this maybe at the beginning of next year. The only possibility that Hangouts currently has is through the G Suite that is especially aimed at companies.

What do you think of this Google decision? Did you use Hangouts? Do you use Google Plus? Leave your answer in the comment box, we are reading.