Galaxy Tab S4: all its confirmed features

Galaxy Tab S4: all its confirmed features


Galaxy Tab S4: all its confirmed features

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July 17, 2018

Taking into account the amount of leaks that have already circulated on the Galaxy Tab S4, it cannot surprise us too much that one that seems already quite definitive has ended up appearing, at least as far as technical specifications are concerned, and reveals all its characteristics (and confirms the many we already knew). What to expect from the future star of the samsung tablets? Go taking note.

New design without fingerprint reader

The design is not part of this leak, but we have enough images to take a look. The highlight, in addition, that the frames have been reduced significantly, is that there will be no physical buttons and that nowhere is a fingerprint reader. Well, what confirms this leak is that, in fact, it will not incorporate it: as we suspected, Samsung has decided to trust him iris scanner to satisfy those who need an extra security in unlocking the device.

A new leap in power

Filtration also confirms some of the data we have known for a longer time because they are among the first that were discovered thanks to very early benchmarks: that the processor will be a Snapdragon 835 and that will accompany you 4GB of RAM At first we used to see it also running Android 8.0, but lately it had already appeared with Android 8.1 and finally it seems that it will be the version with which it will arrive. With this processor the Galaxy Tab S4 should be able to outperform the MediaPad M5 (Kirin 960) in performance, but it will be necessary to wait to see it with real tests of use.

Spectacular in the multimedia section

Where there is not much doubt that he will renew the title of champion of the Galaxy Tab S3 is in the multimedia section, starting with a large screen, which will not only use panels again Super AMOLED, but now it will also be wider (10.5 inches) and have a higher resolution (2560 x 1600). We will also have a stereo speaker system with the seal AKG, and will also come with a main camera of 13 MP and another front of 8 MP.

Other features

The storage capacity was another data that had been revealed with some previous filtration and that would be confirmed now that it will be 64 GB, which puts it at the height, at last, of what has been the standard for the high-end smartphones. Another known fact was that it will have DeX support (We already tell you that with the possibility of using it as a second monitor when the new pad is released). Finally, and this is a new detail, we also have the battery capacity, which with 73000 mAh It grows a lot compared to that of the Galaxy Tab S3 (6000 mAh), although it seemed essential thinking only on its screen.

What we still don't know

If with these last data it seems that we have already finished rounding the technical specification sheet of the Galaxy Tab S4 (we would only lack the exact dimensions), it must be said that we still have a couple of important unknowns: the price and the date of launching. Regarding the first, it is expected to be in the orbit of the Galaxy Tab S3, but it would be interesting to have more than speculation. Regarding the second, everything indicates that at the latest it would be presented at the IFA in Berlin, but stay tuned because we would not be surprised if it debuted much earlier.