ipod primary discontinua

Apple cancels the sale of iPod nano and shuffle

Manzana says the final adis al iPod nano and iPod shuffle. The commercialization of these portable music players is no longer effective to keep only the catalog in the catalog. ipod touch, a model that counts inside has been renewed to include processor and coprocessor A8 and M8 in a screen size of 4 inches.

So far, the Ipod nano it had been erected as the smallest touch screen device in the company, while the iPod shuffle screen mask for offering a particularly compact size to adhere to clothes as a clip. In fact, it is one of the few that maintains a traditional click button to move through the menu.

If we go back in time, both iPod nano as iPod shuffle they were updated for the last time a couple of years ago with new colors. IPod nano Original was released in 2005, when the iPhone was not yet in the plans of Steve Jobs. Since then, the device underwent transformations in order to adapt to the new times, so that in 2012 the version that had a small touch screen was launched to allow its handling. For its part, the iPod shuffle He made his debut in 2010 and kept his design clip-on throughout his useful life.

When Manzana has presented its financial results, the iPod They have been grouped within the category of other products where the Apple TV, Apple Watch and Beats, Therefore, the information published does not reflect the units sold or the income associated with the product.

Together with this announcement, the company claims to have updated the prices of the models it maintains for sale, so that The current iPod touch has a starting price of 229 euros with a 32 GB configuration, while the 128 GB configuration amounts to 339 euros. It is even possible to acquire the version of RED product.