Amazing Google Tricks You Don't Know

Amazing Google Tricks You Don't Know

Google does not cease to surprise us with its ingenious tricks so simple but that many do not know.

That is why Tecnocat wants to update you on these things you can do in the Google search engine and you probably didn't know.

By putting the sentence Tic tac toe In the Google search engine you will immediately start a challenge of Jack with the platform, it is worth mentioning that you can choose between three difficulties, which are: easy, medium and impossible which is certainly complicated to win. You also have the possibility to play with a friend.

If you manage to win the challenge in difficult difficulty send us a screenshot to our social networks with the #TecnocatEsLaLey #Tecnocat

Do you want to hear the pounding of Mario Bros coins? The only thing you have to do is go to your Google search engine and put the phrase Mario Bros, and immediately in a corner you will see its famous block with questioning, press it and you will hear the Mario Bros. so unique coin tapping.

The same dynamic occurs if you put the phrase in your Google search engine Sonic the hedgehog, this time if you press Sonic, you can hear its unique sound.

  • What sound does a dog make

With the phrase what sound does a dog make You can hear the sound of different animals, such as a duck, a cow, owl, horse, turkey, whale, tiger, sheep, zebra, elephant and also a dog.

Surely this trick and many knew it, but it is worth saying, because if you put the phrase pacman or google pacman, you can play the game of yesteryear that many of us liked.