Video: Samsung Galaxy S5 test, the new leader of the pack

Video: Samsung Galaxy S5 test, the new leader of the pack

The new flagship of the Korean, the Samsung Galaxy S5 makes its official landing in Spain this April 11, but we have already been able to see closely its main attributes.

And it is that thanks to the people of Samsung Spain we had the opportunity to make a quick test of the Galaxy S5 and then we analyze the key points that make it the authentic leader of the terminals governed by Android.

Design: Few changes

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 not many designers went around, because we noticed few variations with respect to its predecessor.

A metal frame to give a premium touch and the use of a porous material, on the back, which simulates the skin and reminds of the Galaxy Note 3., are its distinctive features.

The S5 has gained some weight: 8.1 mm thick compared to 7.9 mm of the S4; and a weight of 145 gr. front 130 gr. from his older brother. The screen is now 5.1 inches, compared to the 4.9 that the S4 has.

Camera: Now 16 mpx and 4K

Like the rest of the manufacturers, Samsung is committed to Ultra High Definition, or 4K, so the Galaxy S5 camera can record videos in this quality.

The camera is now 16 megapixels, compared to the 12 mpx that the S4 has.

In addition, it now incorporates improvements in software, such as the automatic HDR mode that helps to obtain better images in low light conditions, for example, or the option to refocus the photo once it has been taken as you can see in the following video:


It was about time that the Korean bet on the resistance to water and dust, as it has long been to people of Sony, so the Galaxy S5 now has IP67 certification.

The terminal can be buried in the sand, or submerged up to one meter under water, for 30 minutes, without being damaged.

The data: The volume key is used to activate the camera and take pictures when the S5 is submerged, as you can see in the following video:

Biometra: fingerprint reader

The biometer is present in the Galaxy S5 thanks to its fingerprint reader that allows the identification of its owner to unlock the terminal and even to make mobile payments.

How do you read it: Samsung and PayPal have signed an agreement that allows S5 users to pay by identifying themselves with the fingerprint.