This is the iPhone without notch that could arrive in 2020

This is the iPhone without notch that could arrive in 2020

We cannot deny that Apple s has set a trend on different occasions. With the arrival of the iPhone X, the firm achieved that many Android phones copied the notch on several of their devices, which disappeared quickly thanks to other methods such as the perforated screen, or the drop notch, while today the iPhone and a few other models still use the classic notch that is quite large.

However, it seems that this could change next year, because according to one of the most important analysts of Apple products, Ming Chi Kuo, Cupertino's company is already testing a new iPhone model with Face ID but without the notch.

Source: Ben Geskin

Apparently Apple has managed to integrate all the sensors that make it possible for the Face ID to work in the upper frame of the device, where the front camera is apparently also placed.

This means that the proximity sensors, the ambient light and the infrared camera, the speaker, the microphone and the front camera will be integrated in this frame.

On the other hand, there is talk that these phones will recover the touch ID, however, Apple will integrate it into the screen, so we will have both an advanced facial recognition system and the classic fingerprint reader.

This will undoubtedly be something that many users are going to applaud, but it could also mean a price increase on the phone.

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In any case it is important to remember that this is a rumor, and although Apple is testing these functions in a real model, it does not mean that they will arrive next year, because the company has a strict level of quality that causes many Sometimes some functions are not available in the final model, as is the case with the reversible wireless charging of the iPhone 11.