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The new Galaxy Fold keeps asking you to treat it with care

Galaxy Fold

Samsung has been improving the design of the Galaxy Fold for a long time, trying to solve the problems that forced the first version to be returned to the worktable. The company's folding smartphone did not go out, as the test units that were handed over to the press revealed the device's failures.

Only a few days ago the company announced the launch of the phone again, but with an improved version and theoretically having solved the problems. However, the company considered that it is worthwhile to instruct the future owners, for which it published a video explaining how to properly use the terminal.

The truth is that believing that it was necessary to "teach" how to use the phone does not give you many confidence, but since one of the first problems were due to the fact that a film intended to protect the screen was removed, this precaution can be understood .

The moment of truth for the Galaxy Fold

In spite of everything at the moment we were only talking about company information, so we cannot say that it was very impartial. However finally eThe new Galaxy Fold has passed through the hands of the well-known Youtuber Jerry Rig Everything, who has undergone different resistance tests.

Before you see the video we will tell you that although the terminal continues to suffer from problems, it also shows an amazing resistance to tests where less was expected of it. You can see it for yourself below.

Watching the video is amazing how he endures trying to turn it in the wrong direction, but the area of ​​this hinge being a space where the dust is cast, which in the long run is clear that can cause operational problems. Of course, and this is something they tell you in the video of Samsung, do not even think about letting it get wet.

Similarly the flexible screen is still extremely fragile, and it seems that One of the requirements to be a Galaxy Fold owner is not to have long nails. The video lets us see how a pressure with a ua is enough to leave it hopelessly marked, which seems to be a problem inherent to the type of screen used.

It is clear that we are not facing a smartphone to use and as such we must assess it, but speaking of a disbursement of 2,000, we do not know to what extent this fragility be accepted by the possible owners.

The new Galaxy Fold keeps asking you to treat it with care
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