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The best new games and apps for Android (October 2019)

Applications on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10

If you are looking new apps and games To try this weekend, you've come to the right place. As we have done on Fridays of each week during the last months, once again we go in search of the best news that have landed on Google Play in the last few days.

Every week, we will select the three best new applications, and the three games just arrived more entertaining or that we liked the most.

Best games and new apps of the week of October 7


Arrive: Package Tracker

If you want to know Where are your orders at all times, Arrive is the app you need. Created by the same people behind the famous Shopify platform, this tool allows Track shipments from major transportation companies worldwide, automatically synchronizing with online purchases so that it is not even necessary to enter order tracking numbers.

Potential – Habit Trainer

The best new games and apps for Android this week

The best new games and apps for Android this week

Creating habits can be difficult. That's why there are applications like Potential, a new tool that, through an ingenious conversational format, offers us guidelines for train our ability to create habits of all kinds. From starting to meditate, to doing more sports or quitting smoking.


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<p>Its creators define it as <strong>the application of messages capable of time travel</strong>. Earlynote is an ?instant messenger? app, whose peculiarity is the fact that <strong>each message can only be read by the recipient when he considers that he is ready for it</strong>.</p>
<p><em>With Earlynote, anticipation is everything: the excitement of receiving a message that can only be unlocked when the sender decides that it is ready, change the way we think about communicating with each other. The messenger becomes instantly more intriguing, more mysterious, more exciting.</em></p>
<h4>DIGIMON ReArise</h4>
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Having finished his period of exclusivity in Japan and other countries in Asia, DIGIMON ReArise lands in the rest of the world. In this game developed by BANDAI and based on the famous anime, we will see how a mysterious Digimon called Herissmon appears on our device, and from that moment we are immersed in a series of events that force us to fight with a series of enemies called the "Spirals". To defeat them, we will participate in battles 5 vs 5 in real time.


We are still in Japan, well SEGA surprise us this week with the launch of League of Wonderland, a 1-on-1, two-minute battle game in the purest ?Clash Royale? style, in which we will play and fight with mystical and historical characters.

We conclude this week's selection with Grobo, an adventure game based on puzzles in which we accompany an adorable robot in its goal of exploring the world of Megatropolis. To do this, we will take advantage of the robot's ability to control gravity at will, while we are solving the different puzzles proposed by each of the 48 levels available.

Best games and new apps of the week of September 30



If you are looking for an application to write notes, organize your texts or create lists, Bundled may be just what you are looking for. It is a new application created by a Reddit user, which arrives with the objective of becoming the application of notes that, due to its shortcomings, Google Keep has not managed to become.

Bundled has A careful design based on Material Design, with dark theme available, and among its functions we find support for Markdown language, cloud synchronization with operation without connection, reading mode, search for notes, and a great organization system that allows us to create our own categories of lists, texts and notes. I have to admit that it has become my new preferred application when writing drafts and articles from the mobile, and I just hope that at some point you have your own web version or application for desktop platforms.

Duet display

From a free app we turn to a payment tool, which is also one of the most expensive we have ever selected in this compilation. But worth. After a long wait, Android users finally can download duet display, the famous app created by former Apple engineers that allows use our device as a secondary monitor for the computer.

We already talked in more detail about the functions and benefits of the app at the time of its launch. The only thing to remember, is that on the occasion of its launch, the developers are carrying out a promotion by which it is possible to get the app for 10.99 euros, instead of the 21.99 that cost later.