Battle Chess

The 3 best "Battle Chess" of the moment for multiplayer games

Battle chess

We will see a few more Battle Chess fall in the coming months and years. But, for now we are going to focus on the three best Battle Chess of the moment and that have been released almost at the same time for our enjoyment.

A "Battle Chess" is a multiplayer game in which you'll have to beat you against 7 other players in successive games with a certain time for each one. The objective is to improve our heroes to release them on the board and automatically, when the waiting time is over, they face that of our opponent player.

Auto chess

It is the first of the three that they represent in the best way this kind of games. The three arrive with an enormous quality in the technical and here, at least, that which hits first strikes harder is not fulfilled.

In Auto Chess get ready for games of 30-40 minutes, since there is no quick mode. We miss a tutorial that teaches us all the vicissitudes of the game, and that there are many, and that virtually performance is lost as the game progresses. It wouldn't be bad if they optimized the game.


Yes, the graphics are incredible, but optimization is needed not only because of the slowness or lag, but because of the excessive consumption that may have an impact on our terminal. And if there is no battery, it cannot be played. It is important that they take it seriously if they want to face the other two that come next.

Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords is in beta and comes from the legendary Valve Corporation (the creators of Half Life, Counter Strike…) You can already imagine that this online multiplayer will bring queue and we will see more updates with new content. We repeat the beta so that it is understood that things are improving and those bugs that blur the gaming experience will be corrected.

As far as Dota Underlords is distinguished from the other two it's for the cross game. That is, you can take your Steam account on PC to vitiate and then go to your mobile to continue with the same account. This means that from your smartphone you can play against players who are on your PC and vice versa.

Combat in Dota Underlords

Valve has also worked it out to use a “Superfast Network” proprietary technology with which it offers an experience without breaks or slowdowns. To take into account when we are facing a game based entirely on multiplayer. Of course, if you have no connection, you have Artificial Intelligence to play against it and thus improve your game.

One thing we miss I don't have a tutorial To teach us all the tricks and basis of the game. Thus it is difficult to know well about some games in which it is not easy to win on the contrary, especially if we have started recently.

Chess Rush