If the Mario Kart Tour control seems to be inaccurate, disable this option

How to unsubscribe from Google Play Store

For some time now, some games and apps have a Subscription model managed directly from Google Play (In fact we can even pay with the credits that we have associated with our Google account, such as those we can get with the Google Opinion Rewards app), but when does the time come to unsubscribe… Where do we do it?

The truth is that the process is quite simple and is carried out directly from Google Play, so you do not have to move within the game or the app in particular. As long as the subscription is managed by the Play Store, beware.

Unsubscribe to a game or app from Google Play

As money is not played (at the most, we use it to play), Google does not want to complicate the feat and puts us quite at hand the option to unsubscribe from any subscription we have active.

To do this, we will follow the following illustrated steps:

Enter the Google Play Store and tap the icon of the three lines to deploy the men of options.

unsubscribe from Google Play

Within the menu we will see the section Subscriptions, which we will play to access it.

Here we will see a subscription list that we have hired through Google Play; In this case we only have the Mario Kart Tour. We play in it.

unsubscribe from Google Play

In your file, we will find the option Cancel Subscription that we will touch to proceed to cancel it.