How to control YouTube videos with Google Assistant

How to control YouTube videos with Google Assistant

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He Google Assistant hides many more features than you imagine. Since its presentation in October 2016, Google Assistant has been adding capabilities month after month, becoming today in the most advanced virtual assistant available on any smartphone, as determined by various studies.

In addition to being able to perform relatively complex actions, especially if we enter fully into the world of routines, Google Assistant can also be used to perform simple operations. For example, control the playback of YouTube videos through voice commands.

Control YouTube through voice commands with Google Assistant

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As specified in the Assistant's support page, it is possible control YouTube video playback through voice commands when they are playing on a Smart TV or Chromecast device.

To do this, there are several specific voice commands, which allow different actions to be carried out:

  • Put a videos on YouTube
  • Watch video of puppies on TV
  • Play on TV
  • Watch on NetflixDetnte
  • Detn Televisin
  • Increase the volume of Televisin to 50%
  • Turn down the TV volume
  • Next video

These are the simplest commands. However, it is possible to control video playback more advanced if, for example, we tell the Assistant "go ahead 30 seconds" or "rewind 5 seconds". You can also activate or deactivate the subtitles if we ask.

It must be taken into account that, in order to carry out these actions, the name of the device to which the video playback is being sent must be correctly indicated or else Google Assistant will not know what TV or multimedia device we are referring to. However, if there is only one associated transmission device, it is not necessary to indicate it in the voice command.

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