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How to check if my iPhone battery is affected

Manzana He has made public a methodology so that the user is aware at all times if he must proceed with the replacement to avoid this situation. To do this, it is recommended to proceed with the replacement of the battery in one of its official technical services.

Simply access the iPhone settings section, enter the battery section, and check if a message appears at the top the battery of your iPhone You may need to be assisted. This will be displayed just above the Low power mode option. If this message appears, the iPhone is indicating that you have exceeded a figure of more than 500 charge cycles, which is convenient replacement. To do this, you iPhone you must have a version of iOS 10.2.1 or higher.

Then we show the message issued by Manzana about:

When diagnosing iOS, we have detected that it is possible that the battery of your iPhone should be replaced. When a battery has little useful life, the load and ability to provide energy are reduced. As a result, the battery will need to charge more frequently and your iPhone may experience unexpected shutdowns.

The replacement of the battery out of warranty has a cost in the technical service of Apple of 89 euros for these models of iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. Given the alternative of having to acquire a new model, this investment may allow us to save time if the budget does not allow us to grant a new model.


How to check if my iPhone battery is affected
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