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How to call by phone with your Android phone from PC

Calls from the Windows PC on Android

Before the arrival of its first Android-based device at Christmas 2020, Microsoft is still working on improve the integration between Windows and Android through new tools. This time, the company has made official the possibility of make phone calls from your computer through our Android mobile, using the “My Phone” application that the company decided to launch a few months ago in the Google Play Store.

This new option has begun to be available to those members of the Windows Insider program through one of the latest experimental versions of Windows 10, but will soon be available to everyone. Therefore, we wanted to elaborate this guide with All you need to know to be able to make phone calls from your computer.

You can now call by phone from the computer: as is done

Windows mobile notifications

What do you need
* An Android smartphone with a version equal to or greater than Android 78
  * A PC with Windows 10 and Bluetooth
  * Build Windows 19H1 or newer
  * Windows 10 build 18362.356 or newer
  * Microphone and speakers or headphones to make calls from the PC

The function of making calls from the computer is not entirely new. Those of Redmond already announced this feature during the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 in August, taking advantage of the fact that My Phone app It will be integrated into the new Samsung terminals.

With this feature, it will be possible both answer incoming calls, how to reject them or make phone calls, and even access the phone history or transfer calls between computer and smartphone In a simple way.

In order to do so, the first step is to be download the application “Companero de tu telefono” available on Google Play totally free. Once installed, just access it, log in and grant it the necessary permissions and start the synchronization with the computer. For this both devices must be connected to the same network.

How to call by phone with your Android from PC

How to call by phone with your Android from PC

Now, when you open the “Your phone” app on the Windows computer, a new tab appears with the name "Calls", where it is possible to call by phone or view the most recent call log. In addition, in case of receiving an incoming call, This appears as a native Windows notification, and be possible to answer or reject it without having to use the smartphone.

And if you don't use Windows?

Airdroid remote control

Logically, this function is only available for those with a Windows 10 computer. However, there is an alternative both for those using Mac or Linux computers, and for those who do not wish to use the Microsoft tool.