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To know how to block contacts or groups in WhatsApp It can be really useful for occasions when a person or a group becomes annoying within the application, because notifications are received in excess or simply by a decision of a personal nature.

How to block WhatsApp contacts

How to block contacts or groups in Whatsapp

  • Start by opening the WhatsApp application.
  • Search the contact list for contact to block.
  • As soon as you can locate it, click on it and then you will have all the information of that contact.
  • In the last of the options you will find one that says block this contact.
  • The only thing that needs to be done is to click on this function and confirm so that the person cannot get back in touch through this medium anymore.

What does a person who has been blocked in WhatsApp see?

The answer is as simple as a any. The truth is that WhatsApp does not notify users when they are blocked, since it is a privacy clause.

Can you unlock a WhatsApp contact?

A blocking action is completely reversible and therefore the person will continue to appear in the contact list unless it is removed from the agenda in its entirety.

How to unlock a WhatsApp contact?

  • The steps to follow are exactly the same as at the time of block a WhatsApp contact.
  • Therefore, instead of using the option to block this contact, you must press on unlock.

How to avoid messages from a contact: Block notifications

How to block contacts or groups in Whatsapp

With the previous steps to be able to block a contact in WhatsApp it will have to be more than enough, but in case they don't want to receive their notifications, what should be done is:

  • Within the WhatsApp, locate the contact.
  • Pressures on your profile at the top.
  • Finally enable the option to silence notifications.

How to block WhatsApp groups

How to block contacts or groups in Whatsapp

  • Access the group conversation within WhatsApp.
  • Press on the options menu or in the three points in the upper right corner.
  • Go to the group information window.
  • Click on the group name once inside the conversation window.
  • Click on the option to Mute group.
  • At this time you will have to choose a group blocking time within WhatsApp, which can be temporary or forever.

Block notifications from a group in WhatsApp

  • The steps to follow are exactly the same as in the previous case when blocking a group.
  • In this case the only difference is that the option of Show notifications to be deactivated

How to unlock a group on WhatsApp?

To undo the configuration, the only thing to do is check the option Cancel silence and then the notifications will be automatically displayed again on the device.

How to leave a WhatsApp group

In case it is not enough to block the group and want to take more drastic measures, the best thing is get out.

Leave a WhatsApp group on Android

  • Enter the chat window.
  • Press and hold the group name.
  • Select the option of Leave the group.

Leave a WhatsApp group on iOS

  • Start by sliding from the right to the left the conversation of the group to be in the chat window.
  • Click on the option to Ms.
  • Then in Leave the group.

What happens if an administrator leaves a WhatsApp group?

In these cases, the position of administrator will be assigned to one of the random group members. The only way to delete a group, is that you are the administrator, expel all the members of the group, leave the group and ensure that it has been eliminated in its entirety.

How to avoid being added to a WhatsApp group

There are certain occasions when users leave a group, but they are added again by one of the members. The solution to not be added to a WhatsApp group consists in block group administrator, since in this way it will be impossible for this procedure to be performed.

How to know if someone blocks me?

Although there is no certainty with this method, there are indications that may allow us to reach this conclusion:

  • Don't watch the last hour online It is one of the first things that can be noticed to suspect a blockage. Anyway, in the privacy options people can activate this function without blocking someone.
  • The double check never arrives Messages with a double check or blue check are a confirmation that the message reaches the recipient. In case it does not happen, it is another indication of a probable blockage.
  • No profile or status photo If it is impossible to see the profile picture of a contact or the status, there is a possibility that that person has removed or deleted them, but if the two previous conditions are added, it is most likely that there was a blockage.
  • Invitation to a group It is the best way to be 100% sure that a person has blocked it, because if you try to invite a contact to any group and an error message appears, the block exists.

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