Hangouts in version 10.0 arrives with Direct Share and small changes

Hangouts in version 10.0 arrives with Direct Share and small changes

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<p>At this point it is <strong>unlikely that you don't know Hangouts</strong>, the <em>app</em> from Google which is the <strong>official messenger service</strong> and that it will allow you to either send SMS or MMS messages or communicate with other Google users through video (up to 25 people simultaneously) or voice calls.</p>
<p>Perhaps one of its biggest attractions has been the use of video calling (something we do among Root team members) or calls to any phone number in the world, but <strong>Hangouts continues its constant evolution to make a more quality leap</strong>.</p>
<p>If you have an Android device you can check that the <strong>Last version in the Google store is 8.1</strong>, although from today the <strong>version 10.0</strong>. And version 9.0? Remember when Microsoft decided to switch from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10? <strong>Well, something without explanation or a marketing issue</strong>, the thing is that following the same pattern we give Google has gone from version 9.0 to offer us the <strong>version 10.0 of Hangouts with slight changes</strong>.</p>
<h2>Download and install Hangouts 10.0</h2>
<p>You still cannot download it directly from Google Play (it is in the deployment phase) although it will be available soon, but in the meantime and if you have an Android device you can <strong>download the APK</strong> (26.5 MB) from the web APKMirror. The only requirement is to have an Android version 4.1 or higher.</p>
<p>The users of <strong>iOS devices have more luck</strong>, since you can from this moment download the latest version in the App Store.</p>
<h2>What changes are made with Hangouts 10.0?</h2>
<p>Not too many but interesting, perhaps the most relevant is that <strong>we will have support for Direct Share</strong>, which will allow <strong>share content directly with other contacts</strong>, so now be much more comfortable power <strong>send files such as photos, videos or even simple links</strong>, something that is appreciated in this type of applications, as happens in WhatsApp or Telegram.</p>
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Other functions that still have not yet been activated refer to be able to invite someone to join the group, since in the APK there are several text strings that give clues about this. And also once joined the guests can read all group history.

They are also corrected notifications errors on Android N and reduce preview size of images sent from a chat.

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What do you think about the news of version 10.0 of Hangouts? With what application do you usually share images or videos with your contacts?

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