Germany formally accuses the Volkswagen dome

Germany formally accuses the Volkswagen dome

Volkswagen CEO, Herbert Diess; the president, Hans Dieter Poetsch, and the former CEO of the automotive company, Martin Winterkorn; they were formally charged by the German fiscala of criminal charges for not having notified their investors in time of the handling of emissions during the environmental control tests of their cars (commonly known as Dieselgate). The Braunschweig Treasury said that by not having notified Volkswagen in time, it tried to manipulate its shares in the stock market.

The charges are filed almost four years after the Environmental Protection Agency accuses Volkswagen (and many of its sub-brands, such as Audi and Porsche) of selling diesel vehicles that polluted much more than regulations allowed. In 2015 Volkswagen us, for this purpose, illegal software to deceive the tests of diesel engines in the United States. At that time Winterkorn was the CEO of the company and Poetsch was the president, although Diess had just joined the automaker a few months before the scan broke out.

Prosecutors allege that the three held a meeting in June 2015 onWhen and how to disclose the deception of emissions to US regulators; which happened until September, when the EPA and the California Air Resources Board revealed the results of their investigation.

The European Union also accuses Volkswagen of colluding with the other two major German automakers, Daimler and BMW, to curb the deployment of a better emission control technology.

According to the Reuters news agency, the company's supervisory board convened an emergency meeting to discuss the charges. The lawyers of the three defendants said they would contest the charges that they knowingly retain vital information.

In a statement issued after an emergency meeting, the board's executive committee said “it cannot see that there was a deliberate attempt not to inform the capital market.” If it is accepted by a state court in Braunschweig, the accusation will lead at an established trial date.

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