FBI presents its FBI Wanted app to capture fugitives and missing persons

FBI presents its FBI Wanted app to capture fugitives and missing persons

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Imagine that you are watching local news on television when they present a story about a wanted fugitive in your community. The person looks a lot like someone you've seen several times in your neighborhood. But since you didn't have time to write down the contact information they put on the news, and it's not an emergency, you don't know if you should call 911. So what do you do?

According to the FBI, simply take your cell phone, open the FBI Wanted application, search for the name of your city and quickly locate the person's profile, which comes with additional photos and information. And if you're sure, tap the "Call the FBI" button on the application, and report what you know.

This situation illustrates exactly the type of technology-driven crime fighting that is now possible thanks to the new FBI Wanted mobile application. This app allows the public to view, search, sort, filter and mark the full range of information issued by the FBI. This includes photos and descriptions of wanted fugitives, missing persons, crime suspects, deceased victims and others that the Bureau is looking to locate or identify.

"Since the first days of our office, when the posters of wanted people were nailed to the walls of the post offices, the public has played a vital role in helping the FBI and the authorities to locate criminals and resolve cases of all kinds," said Christopher Allen , Head of the Publicity and Public Affairs Unit of the FBI Office of Public Affairs. "This application is designed to put another digital tool in the hands of interested citizens so they can help protect their families and communities."

The information is also available on the FBI website, but Allen says the app includes several features and capabilities that make it especially fast and easy to use. The application is free and works on Apple and Android devices, including smartphones, iPads or iPads, and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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