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All the changes and news that come to the App Store with iOS 13

ipad iOS 13

Apple present a few weeks ago its new operating systems and both iOS 13 and iPadOS arrive with many new features. We have been analyzing each of them little by little and today we bring you a new chapter, the new App Store.

Apple's app store change slightly on iOS 13 and on iPadOS and although its overall design remains intact there are some options that have changed. Remember that if you want to enjoy these and many other innovations of iOS 13 you can always try the official Apple betas on your devices.

This is the new App Store of iOS 13

Apple Arcade

The new subscription subscription service that Apple introduced a few months ago has a dedicated section on the main buttons of the App Store. At the moment in this section we can only see trailers of some of the more than 100 games that will be incorporated this fall.

However, when iOS 13 is officially launched along with Apple Arcade in this dedicated section we can see all the news and download the games that we like the most. The button to access Apple Arcade has replaced the Updates of previous versions of iOS.

App Store iOS 12 13iOS 12 on the left and iOS 13 on the right.

Relocation of Updates

As we have seen, the Apple Arcade section replaces the Updates section in the iOS 13 App Store, so where are the apps we want to update now? In the iOS 13 App store This section is within our profile, we must click on our photo and move to a new menu.

To see which applications have an update you just have to click on your photo, appears at the top right, and go down a bit. Also if you slide down this new tab new updates will be searched.

App Store iOS 13

Remove apps from updates

This new Updates section comes with another very interesting improvement that allows us to delete an app directly, Already pending update or downloaded. It is very likely that you will find an update of an app that you did not even remember, now you can delete it directly and save space.

delete apps iOS 13

Dark mode

One of the great news of iOS 13 and iPadOS is the dark mode and the App Store is one of the applications that is adapted to this new way that Apple has released with its new operating systems. The interface completely changes from white backgrounds to black backgrounds.

app store ios 13 light mode dark mode

As we see the App Store has changed slightly with the arrival of iOS 13 and iPadOS, but it is only one of the many changes that have arrived. If you want know more about iOS 13, its new functions and its new applications do not miss our best articles in which we review the main improvements that have arrived:

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