12 best training apps to keep fit in 2019

12 best training apps to keep fit in 2019

Physical fitness receives an honorable mention every year we choose our new year's resolutions. But for most of us, these plans are set aside shortly after the end of the holiday season (and free time to daydream). But, if you want 2019 to be different, there is no reason to wait for the new year and, to help your physical conditioning mission take off, we have some of the best training apps for Android and iOS.

These training applications will inspire you to lose those extra pounds that are put into sugary pleasures. And if you are already connected to the exercise, you can use these applications to improve the efficiency of your training. Let's start by taking a look at some of the best training apps we think you should review.

  • The best training applications to train at home
  • The best training apps to train in the gym
  • The best training applications for activity logging
  • The best diet and music tracking applications for exercise

The best training applications to train at home

The intention to be fit is much more important than the best gym equipment and the following applications will help you fix your body only with your inner strength. Here is a list of applications that will help you get fit in your home (or community gym).

1. Home training – Without equipment

Home workout It is an application designed to allow you to reinforce the objectives of individual body parts . It comes with preset training routines for different parts of the body and can also change the order of the different exercises. These routines are grouped according to their intensities in the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels .

The start screen shows you a summary of your overall monthly progress with statistics such as the frequency of workouts, the burned calories and the minutes dedicated to the exercise. While you can set goals to stay involved, the application also It has a Reminder option to leave your comfort zone . In addition to showing you a graphic animation, the application also has audio indications.

With Home workoutYou can also take on training challenges to refine only the lower half or the body in general. On the Report page, you can track your weight, height and BMI, along with a complete history of your workouts. You can also synchronize the progress of your training with Google Fit and the long list of features makes it one of the best training applications. The only part of the application that could annoy users is the number of ads and there is no option to pay and remove these ads.

Download training at home – No computer (iOS, Android)

If you want to get simpler instructions and want to establish your physical path without time restrictions, 30 Day Fitness Challenge (Android) It is another excellent option.

2. Spartan Body Weight Home Workout

If you're amazed by the chiseled body that Gerard Butler had in 300, or Jason Momoa in Aquaman, Spartan Home Workout Be your partner on this trip to your physical state. The free version of the application comes with a very long list of high intensity exercises and a couple of predefined weekly programs to help you develop inner strength.

Each of the workouts is explains beautifully with 3D animations and there is a great diversity of female and male representations to inspire both genders alike. Along with individual workouts, you also get workouts intense 20-minute presets . Meanwhile, the registration page helps you keep track of all the workouts you have done before.