11 apps to take advantage of augmented reality on your mobile

11 apps to take advantage of augmented reality on your mobile

Since mobile phones have incorporated the necessary hardware to be able to perform augmented reality functions, many apps have been released, in addition to the ones that are incorporated in each case so that the user can already have some tools. That is why there is no need to review what augmented reality apps we can find today, having from games to "virtual testers".

iOS 11 and ARKit on the iPhone were a push and since then we have seen very varied and useful apps for both this system and Android. We collect some dots, some of them free and available for both operating systems.

Zome AR (iOS and Android)

Mixing augmented reality with social networks is this original app that allows you to leave a message or doodle anywhere in the world (even an image or a file), so that other users who are there can see it (virtually, of course). They can also be private messages or self destruct.

Zome Ar

Zome AR | Android (free) Zome AR | iOS (AppStore USA) (free)

YouCam Makeup

An essential in a compilation of augmented reality apps must be some makeup. In the purest Snapchat / Instagram Stories style these apps make it easy for us to see how we will have a certain style or certain tone on our face, such as this free app that also serves to apply effects on selfies.

YouCam Makeup | iOSYouCam Makeup | Android

Pokemon Go (iOS and Android)

This is already a classic among augmented reality games and was a revelation in the summer of 2016. The game has continued to be renewed for all those who were crowded with everything and both the Pokmon and the hunt itself is very successful (and is a very fun way to walk and move a little).

Pokmon Go | iOS (free) Pokmon Go | Android (free)

Pokmon GO: 42 applications, tools and online resources to make the most of it

DoodleLens (Android)

One of the most popular additions around augmented reality in the cameras is the power play with our own doodles in our videos. It was, in fact, one of the additions that stood out in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, but if your mobile does not include it, you can try this Android app that combines several effects.

DoodleLens | Android (2.09 euros)