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You can now watch videos on WhatsApp without downloading them – Digital Trends Espaol

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One of the main complaints of WhatsAppha users was the way it handles the video. Now, a new function helps receive and see them in a faster and easier way.

As of now, you no longer need to download full videos on WhatsApp to be able to watch them. This service presents a new useful feature that will allow you to watch the video that was sent to you, even before the download on your phone is completed.

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The new streaming function works in multiple ways. For example, if your app is configured to automatically download audiovisual messages when you receive them, things will not change much at the beginning of the process; that is, the message will start downloading to your device when it arrives, and you can see the progress meter at the bottom left of the screen, as usual.

But with this new feature, even before the video has completely downloaded you can start watching it. Then, once the download is complete, the progress bar will be replaced by a video duration indicator.

On the other hand, if you do not have the application configured to automatically download the audios or videos that someone poisoned you, you will still see the play button and you will be able to watch the video go streaming when it arrives, but it will not be automatically downloaded to your phone. For this to happen, you must touch the download button in the lower left corner of the screen.

WhatsApp has traditionally been a bit slow in the implementation of new features. However, in recent months this seems to have been changing a bit. In October, for example, I added the capacity of video call contacts, a feature that had been requested for a long time.

In addition, with the latest version of its app, WhatsApp not only lets you share short animated clips from its new GIF search engine, but also allows you to transform and send your own videos and Live Photos in that format.

Everything indicates that with this and other updates, WhatsApp is working to make the connection process through messages more attractive, encouraging the personalized use of visual media. To use it, simply update your WhatsApp app and enjoy this new feature.

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