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You can no longer call an Uber directly from Google Maps

uber google maps appIn early 2017, Google announced that it would add a feature to Google Maps, allowing customers to book an Uber without having to leave the application. However, it seems that now that feature is about to disappear: Google announced that it will completely eliminate Uber functionality from Google Maps.

The news was first released by Android Police, based on a Google support page that goes directly to the point of saying that "you can no longer book Uber trips directly on Google Maps."

It is currently unknown why Google removed the Uber feature on its maps. It is possible that both companies have simply decided to end the program. There is also the possibility that the relationship between Uber and Google is becoming more unstable, especially as they begin to compete in the driverless car business. In addition to that, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, made a large investment in Lyft last year, so it could be that this situation has something to do with the decision.

Another possibility is that Uber prefers people to use his app. The travel company has been known for collecting data through its application since it began, which sometimes caused certain controversies. While Uber can still collect data by integrating with Google Maps, it is likely that it will not be able to collect as much as it would like.

It is important to keep in mind that the integration between the two services did not disappear completely. You can still open Google Maps and select an Uber to get to your location, but once you do, you will be taken to the Uber application, instead of being able to complete the trip directly from Google Maps. This is the way you have always had to book trips through other shared travel services. For example, it was never possible to book a Lyft directly from Google Maps.

Of course, it is not unexpected to see the function removed. Actually, now it is only being removed from Android, as the iOS version of Google Maps lost the functionality almost a year ago. Regardless of the reason why the Google Maps feature was removed, you will now need the Uber application to secure a car.

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