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Windows 10 starts updating today with the Creators Update


Windows 10 starts updating today with the Creators Update

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April 11, 2017

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We have been talking about everything we are going to be able to do with the last time upgrade for Windows 10 in which he has been working Microsoft, the Creators Update, but finally the time has come that we were all waiting for, to stop commenting and go directly to enjoy it, because its distribution will begin today. When will your devices receive it?

The process begins today, but you have to be patient

Although after such a long time waiting for her and the patience does not give us much more of itself and we will all want to have the update already from the first day, we must bear in mind that this is a slow process, not as slowly as surely the Android devices, but of course not at all instantaneous, since the variety of devices that are in circulation with Windows 10 is enormous. So yes, the distribution begins today, but it will go little by little. It is estimated, in fact, that it may take months until all compatible devices receive it.

Dell laptop with Windows 10

What are the devices that will have it first?

That said, how much are you going to have to wait in particular? Nothing can be said with precision, but if we can tell you that the top of the list, to ensure maximum efficiency, will be the devices of Microsoft and among others the ones that have been released most recently, already with Windows 10. Good news, therefore, for the owners of Surface tablets that will be in the first batch of equipment for the update but again you have to be realistic: the first day above all, the servers will be at all times the limit of their capacity.

surface keyboard

The most interesting news

The one of the Creators Update is going to be an important update with a lot of interesting news, among which it is worth noting that they are included improvements for Cortana, more options to customize the Start Menu, Best menu organization in the configuration app, more functions for Microsoft Edge, a new version of Paint, a new Game mode and a Windows Defender more effective If you want more details, in any case, our colleagues from Softzone have made an exhaustive review of this update What can you check?

Windows 10 releases a game mode, or ?game mode?, coming soon

Windows 10 releases a game mode, or ?game mode?, coming soon

A video look

But if you prefer images to words, we also brought you and a few weeks ago a video which also reviewed the main news of the Creators Update thanks to the official demo and that can help us better understand how this update can change our experience of using Windows 10. It is a fairly long video, but, as we said, there are many new things to see and certainly leaves little doubt to resolve. In the post, in any case, we give you a summary of the most important issues.

Windows 10 Creators Update: all your news on video

Windows 10 Creators Update: all your news on video

Impatient to enjoy the new upgrade from Windows 10? We hope you can enjoy it soon and you know that we will keep an eye on the process to inform you in case there is any important news.