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What is WeTransfer? How to share files? Meet WeTransfer Plus!

Sharing files with other people and colleagues has always been a complicated and difficult task to carry out, especially when we have to do it among several people. The subject is further aggravatedwhen the files we have to share are large,that is heavy files, which hinders its distribution.

While for a long time we have available a multitude of services for storing files onlineThe truth is that sometimes they can be somewhat elusive when used frequently. That is why services focused on sending files have been created, and that offer substantial advantages when it comes to Send heavy files.

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There are a few of these services, but perhaps none that stands out as WeTransfer, a company created in 2009 with the sole purpose of getting a heavy file sent is not a nightmare.

WeTransfer for a while nowIt has become one of the best web services for sending large files, as it allows us to share files up to 2 Gb.In size with all those with whom we want to do it only with a link, and the best of all is that it is a free service and in which we do not have to register to use it.

Of course, if we want more, we can get WeTransfer Plus, with the same quality as the service that WeTransfer offers for free, but with advantages that make it an essential tool for any company or SME that wants to maximize resources.

WeTransfer is wonderful, and once we test its virtues, it will be very difficult to replace it.

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What is WeTransfer?

Basically, WeTransfer is a document sharing servicethought to avoid the hassle of having tosend heavy files via emailor a link using a cloud storage service, which while they are viable options, are not as comfortable as doing so through a specialized service such as WeTransfer.

Through WeTransfer we cansend large files just by uploading them to your page and then copying a link, which we must paste in an email or text message andThen send the people we want to receive these files.

The best thing about this method is that we can use it as many times as we want without limitation; the only thing we have to consider isthat the files that we upload to WeTransfer will expire 7 days after uploading them to the service,Therefore, after this period, we must upload them again. In addition they should not exceed 2 Gb. Of size.

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However, this limit of 7 days and the 2 GB size is more than enough for most users, whichif you wish to have more time your files available for download they can always turn to cloud storage or just Purchase the WeTransfer Plus package which offers several more advantages, apart from the time limit for download available.

If you want to know what are the differences between WeTransfer and WeTransfer Plus, Below these lines we have a more detailed explanation available.

WeTransfer Free

The version of Free WeTransfer, Although it offers many benefits, the truth is that it is more user-oriented than They do not need to intensively use a service to send large files like this. In other words, with the options offered by WeTransfer for free, it reaches all your requirements.

If we are not users we usually send large files, with basic features offered by WeTransfer for free, such as a limit of 2 GB per file, no need to register to use the service, ease of use and the possibility of multiple files simultaneously, we can call ourselves satisfied.

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Now, if sending large files very often is part of our workflow, the truth is that we will quickly realize that the free WeTransfer version It falls short. But if we like the service, we can always pay to get more options.