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These military robots are more cute than you think

Although the autonomous machines have heavy weapons that can make many people nervous, there is the potential to reduce the cost of living, allowing soldiers to explore areas to locate enemies. Many were designed for support, rather than eliminating threats.

Although many military projects around the world are mysterious and secret, many see the light of day, including robotic projects. These are some of the best we have seen.



Don't let the size fool you. The MAARS (Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System) has great power, even though it is small. Its modular design allows different types of weapons to be mounted, from non-lethal lasers to pepper gas and even a grenade launcher. The MAARS is a new version of the well-known SWORDS robot, which was deployed in Iraq a few years ago.


What a cute robot! You can say when you see this robot in a corner. The small machine can be confused by a toy until you see the Glock. Yes, DOGO has a camera in its body, allowing recognition of remote environments, but it also has a 9 mm post. A promotional video of the manufacturer General Robotics shows the DOGO in a scenario similar to a story by Tom Clancy, in which a special team carries a DOGO in a situation where there are hostages.


When designing a robot for military use, creating a heavy assault machine is the most obvious route. However, any military force needs to fulfill a function rather than simply shooting at the enemy. There are few robots that fulfill support functions. For example, the SAFFiR (Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot) is a creation of Virginia Tech engineering students. The SAFFiR is designed to extinguish fires that may arise on naval ships. Although the machine is still in development, it can react quickly to fires and withstand higher temperatures than the human body, keeping sailors out of danger.


Not every robot needs to be equipped with weapons. Recognition is a vital part of military operations and the small and peripheral Guardbot is built with that goal in mind. Originally, it was designed for missions to Mars and is therefore equipped with powerful cameras that can navigate adverse environments, including those with sand, snow and water.


military robots gladiator cool military 720x720

The Gladiator Tactical Unanmaned Ground Vehicle was designed to assist Marine Corps in various operations and can be equipped with modular tools and specific weaponry depending on the situation in which it is found. Although its maximum speed is 10 miles per hour, the Gladiator is recognized for being tough. It has a strong crust, so weapons and even grenade launchers can be mounted directly on the structure.


It was supposedly created by two men, according to a story written by the Baghdad Post. It is an unmanned vehicle designed to combat ISIS forces. The machine shows heavy weaponry to combat ISIS forces. The video shows that the robot has support for heavy equipment and that it can move quietly through the Iraq desert. This type of machines becomes indispensable to minimize the physical risks that soldiers suffer.



Anbot is a robot that was developed in China by the National Defense University. Its maximum speed is 11 miles per hour and it is designed to patrol areas and if there is any danger, it can deploy an electric charge to control riots.


This little robot was developed by the Harvard Microbiotics Laboratory and is capable of moving, but it seems that it still needs to be connected somewhere. In theory, the RoboBee could represent an important step to transmit audio and video, which will allow military intelligence to be easy to see in important meetings. Of course, it can also help in non-military operations. The creators highlight the potential of RoboBee to pollinate.