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The Xiaomi Tsunami – Geek Clone

Be calm, your house is not going to flood. This is a technological wave. Xiaomi, the Chinese mobile phone brand, advances unstoppable despite the competition that has emerged around it in recent years and despite the vicissitudes of the market, where more and more impediments are placed in this sector. What is making Xiaomi succeed? Well, this is a question we have asked ourselves.

A small research on the Internet serves to respond flatly. Its greatest strength is its good design and specifications in relation to the low price compared to its counterparts. In addition, the updates, which add new features or security patches to improve the phone are periodic and constant. However, another very important point for Xiaomi, are its accessories and complements.

Xiaomi's latest news

As we say, the price-quality ratio of this range of mobile phones is exceptional. Here we want to focus on quality, since Xiaomi offers comparable features or better than many phones of last generation. We refer to the hardware, its battery, the sensors and of course its camera. Not only does it belong to one of its models, but all of them (and there are many models that Xiaomi offers) reflect that high quality we are talking about. In addition, today you can buy their products completely online. For example, buy Xiaomi MI 9 It means buying a real mobile computer, something that might seem like an exaggeration, but it has an 8-core processor, even more than a large number of laptops.

The front camera is 20 megapixels, so it is also a whole camera. His rear camera has, of course, nothing to envy to the front. It also has a fingerprint and face unlock sensor, something that is still a novelty for many people. In addition, the battery is 3300 milliamps-hour, so you will not have to worry about it too much, since it guarantees you a considerable autonomy. To all this, the mentioned complements are added. You can purchase custom silicone covers online to further protect your Xiaomi and resist some of those inevitable falls to which we sometimes submit our mobile phones.

Xiaomi's other products

When we say that this brand is a tsunami because of its progress in the telephone market, we do not forget that it also stands out in other areas. And is that Xiaomi is not limited to selling phones; This company also stands out in the production of tablets. Similarly, the value for money of your tablets is exceptional.

They are quite high-end models, with great performance and a good guarantee. In this case, the Xiaomi tablet It is a high definition insurance. The screen of all its models allow us to see our favorite series and movies with a impressive detail. Buying one of these tablets online is a good option to replace your old laptop, since you can fulfill the same functions as in it, but in a much more comfortable and practical way. This Xiaomi product will serve you whether you want to work or study or just for leisure if you want.

In short, Xiaomi products, as we have emphasized, are at the forefront of mobile technology, but also in tablets. All of it, without risking their low prices in an exceptionally competitive market. It is not that there are other better brands, but this one in particular is really positive. If you are thinking of changing your phone or purchasing a tablet online, from here we recommend that you delve deeper into Xiaomi products. Compare its characteristics and choose a model that you like, we are convinced that you will not be disappointed with the decision you make.