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The Walking Dead has a new Android game, describe it now!

Do you remember Pokémon Go? Surely, since it was one of the most iconic Android games, whose rise was almost as meteoric as its fall. And although many developers have not ventured to copy their idea, some have tried, as is the case from The Walking Dead franchise.

The Walking Dead: Our World is the new virtual reality game that you can download for Android right now. We already warn you that we are facing a modified version of Pokémon Go, but if you liked the idea, then prepare, because we have a very good game at hand.

Pokémons dressed as zombies? No, Walking Dead is here

The Walking Dead already has its Android game, download it now!

Our World follows a premise very similar to that of Pokémon Go, but with incentives that differentiate it. For example, realism floods the graphic section, having the graphics of a realistic game and clearly inspired by the series. Instead of hunting little pocket monsters, we will have to shoot zombies.

The interaction system is exactly the same: you are on a map that is your location, you encounter zombies, you start a battle and you must end all of them with a weapon with enough ammunition. If you run out of ammo, get ready to die, it's that simple.

The Walking Dead already has its Android game, download it now!

The more effective we are eliminating objectives, the more rewards they will give us. Obviously head shots are more effective, and they will cost us less bullets. Of course we can improve weapons and unlock new ones, because if we have to throw the whole adventure with a gun, we are going wrong.

In this case, the issue is to survive and save residents. We will find missions to safeguard people who are in trouble in the street, and so we will receive more experience. We can build buildings to house refugees, buy more materials, and so on. All this with the concept of Pokémon Go.

Live the augmented reality supported by the freemium

The Walking Dead already has its Android game, download it now!

As I did Pokémon Go, we can use AR Core to make use of augmented reality, that the truth gives good results. Perhaps it is less intuitive and practical than the 3D version, but at least it is a new way of playing that the game offers us.

This is configurable, and not essential to play. We will clearly need to have AR Core installed to use it, and we have not had any problems in its installation. But if you have few bullets and do not want to die, we recommend using the traditional system.

The Walking Dead already has its Android game, download it now!

In the interface we will have a store (since this game is freemium), the map, the challenges and the social section, in which we can join clans and do joint missions. We will meet zombies in the same way as if we met Pokémons, and with the rewards we receive we will improve the arsenal.

The Walking Dead already has its Android game, download it now!

What we didn't like so much is that it follows the line freemium with the worst elements in our opinion. We have energy, so if we run out of it we will have to wait for it to recharge. Only with enough battles can we improve the weapon and not even that, because it is very possible that Survival packs are the best option.

These packs become a kind of loot boxes that we will receive as we progress. They will give us random rewards and will be the biggest strength of The Walking Dead: Our World rewards. It does not just convince us, since you depend on a mixture of patience and luck to have all the progress well controlled.

The Walking Dead already has its Android game, download it now!

In addition, we have a system of cards that we can find or not. This unbalances the game and makes us find a very good card that helps us to move forward quickly or stagnate with a medium weapon. And of course, we will have a type of currency with which we will advance more if we invest money.

Otherwise. The Walking Dead: Our World is free and can be downloaded on both Google Play and iOS. We liked it, and we hope that other games replicate the idea with more variations. But if you expect a revolution like Go was in his day, you may be disappointed. If you are looking for entertainment, we don't think you feel disappointed.

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