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The tvOS 13 arrived: this is what you should know about the last version

The latest version of Apple's tvOS is now available. Presented at the 2019 World Developers Conference, tvOS 13 arrived with a series of changes and highly demanded features, such as a new Control Center, a renewed home screen and multi-user support. The fun doesn't end there. It also has an updated Apple Music application that shows the lyrics on par with music and compatibility with the PlayStation DualShock 4 and Xbox wireless controls. Next, we explain everything you need to know about Apple tvOS 13, as well as the universal application of Apple TV.

Multi-user support

Features tvos 13 watch now julian edit 640x640

Although it is one of the devices streaming The most expensive in the market, Apple TV has always lacked a feature that its long-lasting rivals have offered for a long time: support for multiple users. This can be annoying and it's easy to know why. There is nothing worse than starting a new series, pausing to eat and then not being able to resume viewing where you were because a family member intervened.

Thanks to tvOS 13, that ceases to be a problem: the whole family can log into their own account, through the new Control Center, to receive personalized recommendations on new programs, movies and music. And obviously they can resume playback where they left it.

Karaoke on your Apple TV

Do you have a family reunion or an encounter with your friends? Enter Apple Music More specifically, the renewed Apple Music for tvOS 13, which now has a new karaoke mode. Of course, Apple does not call it that, but to have fun is not something that is relevant.

As in iOS, Apple Music for tvOS 13 shows the lyrics in sync with the music being played. Therefore, stock up on food and drinks, and invite some of your close friends and relive the 80s in the only way we know.

Connect and play

Another novelty of tvOS 13 is that it will have support for two wireless controls, the Microsoft Xbox and the Sony PlayStation DualShock 4, which you can use to play the titles available through Apple Arcade.

In case you have not heard, Apple Arcade is the subscription service of games on demand from the firm based in Cupertino, California, which will host more than 100 new and exclusive titles, which you can run on your Apple TV, iPad, iPhone or Mac.

New home screen

TvOS 13 home screen

Yes, tvOS 13 has a new home screen. But it is not one that everyone likes. The reason? It comes with previews of full screen content. If you leave the cursor in a title for a few seconds, start playing a preview of the content. That may be annoying for some.

Since Apple is usually a teacher at the time to implement some of its ideas, we do not imagine that the company will not include the option to disable this function or at least the possibility of setting the start time.

TV application

In March, Apple released a new version of the application for Apple TV that is used in tvOS and other operating systems of the Apple ecosystem … and also out of it. And here we tell you all the keys to this universal application.

The new version of Apple TV is based on the characteristics of the previous one, allowing access to a variety of content within a unique experience, but now with a new approach. With a familiar interface for Netflix subscribers, the home screen is called “Watch now“, With additional windows for categories like Movies, Children Y sports. Each of these presents subsections such as What's coming, What to see Y For you, which facilitate your search.

Apple says it is using experts to provide high-level recommendations, but that you will also have highly personalized suggestions made by artificial intelligence, either on your Apple TV or other device.

Multiple actions

In addition to adding a select set of cable and satellite television providers, as well as live TV streaming services such as Spectrum, DirecTV Now, Optimum, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, FuboTV -something that was already available-, there will be more than 150 Apple TV channels, all within the same interface. It is a concept that offers more alternatives to decide what you want to see (or subscribe).

These channels are the same as those available on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, such as Starz, HBO, Epix and CBS All Access. The biggest difference is that subscribing to them (or starting free trials) will be faster and easier from the Apple TV application.

According to Apple, you will have more than 100,000 titles to choose from if you add all these services. Needless to say, the new service of streaming Apple TV Plus be one of those options. Notably, Netflix is ​​not included.

Apple devices and ms

Devices compatible with Apple TV

The new application, which is already available on Apple TV and iOS devices, reach MacOS in the fall. The big surprise is that, for the first time, the TV application will also appear on non-Apple devices. The company is including it in a wide variety of smart TVs that start with Samsung, but also considers LG, Sony and Vizio.

It's not just for smart TVs: eventually be available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices. Apple has not announced compatibility with Android TV devices, such as Nvidia Shield, but since Sony smart TVs work with Android TV, it will probably appear in the future.

If you are using an Apple device, you can ask Siri for assistance to help you find what you are looking for.

Is TV live or on demand?

TvOS 13 home screen

The new Apple TV application, like its predecessor, focuses on providing easy access to content on demand. Regardless of the source, the various programs and movies can be viewed online or downloaded and then viewed offline. There are never ads.

The application delivers live streaming content along with material on demand, although it does not have a guide to help you navigate live TV streaming services. We hope it is available in the future, because Apple is already compatible with services streaming live like PlayStation Vue and FuboTV, which have optional guides.


The new Apple TV application is free to use, but you will have to pay for much of its content. Subscription to the channels is done within the application, and prices can vary greatly depending on what you want to see. Here are some examples, courtesy of Macworld (all prices are monthly rates):

  • Acorn TV ($ 6 dollars)
  • Cinemax ($ 10 dollars)
  • Comedy Central Now ($ 4 dollars)
  • CuriosityStream ($ 3 dollars)
  • Epix ($ 6 dollars)
  • HBO ($ 15 dollars)
  • Lifetime Movie Club ($ 4 dollars)
  • MTV Hits ($ 6 dollars)
  • PBS Living ($ 3 dollars)
  • Showtime ($ 11 dollars)
  • Starz ($ 9 dollars)

The most recent addition to this list is CBS All Access, whose participation had previously been announced by Apple. However, you should consider that this list is not exhaustive, as there are many other signals available in the application.

Another aspect that probably allows users to be grouped together is that the channels are not multiplatform. For example, if you subscribe to HBO within the Apple TV application, it is the only place where you can watch it. The same goes for the reverse: if you subscribe to HBO Now directly, you will not be able to use these credentials in the TV application. Anyway, if you have the HBO Now application installed on your Apple TV, it will show you the content available on HBO and even the recommendations, but when it comes time to watch a program, the HBO Now application will start. It is clearly not a perfect experience.

With the exception of Acorn TV, the prices listed are the same as those you will find if you subscribe directly. As Macworld, if you subscribe to Apple channels, you will have less flexibility in terms of viewing options for the same price. Perhaps with tvOS 13, Apple can make improvements to become a comprehensive provider of content on demand based on subscriptions, although at the moment its offer is not very convincing.

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The tvOS 13 arrived: this is what you should know about the last version
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