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The Roomba vacuum now responds to your voice with Amazon Alexa

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If the autonomy itself does not make your Roomba your favorite vacuum cleaner, maybe voice activation will do the trick. The self-directed vacuum has just added an integration with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to communicate with your cleaning assistant using only your voice.

In addition, the associated application of Roomba iRobot Home now comes with a Clean Map report, which shows information around the areas of dirtiest floors and the total space cleaned.

"IRobot is aggressively looking for opportunities within the smart and connected home to improve our customers' experience with our cleaning robots," said Colin Angle, president and CEO of iRobot. ?The latest updates of the iRobot Home application make cleaning with an iRobot Roomba vacuum robot easier to use, with voice-activated commands, enhanced assignment functions and useful subsequent cleaning reports. These are the next exciting steps towards our vision of an ecosystem of domestic robots that work in collaboration and allow even more the development of the smart home. ?

The latest Roombas of iRobot, the 900 series, are committed to combining ?adaptive navigation with visual location?, helping these robots to create a map of a house as they clean. Clean Map reports allow you to view these maps. The new feature of the application also lets you know which areas of the house have the highest concentrations of dirt, so you can adjust the habits of cleaning or use.

As for the new Alexa integration, users can start, stop and pause Roomba cleaning jobs simply by giving an order out loud. For example, saying "Alexa, ask Roomba to start cleaning," the vacuum cleaner goes into action. This new skill will be available to customers in the United States in the second quarter of this year, and be compatible with each and every Roomba vacuum cleaner.

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