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The popular old man who plays Pokmon GO evolves: use 45 phones

Elder Pokemon GO bike

Pokmon GO It is one of the most popular mobile games and currently has a large mass of players. One of them became a viral phenomenon in the first half of this year, you remember the Asian old man who played Pokmon GO with 30 mobiles? Chen San Yuan has returned and now the level has risen.

This Niantic title player became very popular knowing that he was dedicated to ride a bike through the streets of Taiwan with six iPhones and three Samsung connected to a battery, each of them with a different Pokmon GO account and with which he tried to conquer gyms and raids without the need of other players.

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A story that went viral on social networks and that earned this famous old man to become Ambassador of ASUS, brand that gave him 21 phones To continue your adventure. Chen San Yuan is back in the mouth because, after eight months playing Pokmon GO with his bike, this veteran coach of the augmented reality title now has 45 smart phones in your means of transport.

The veteran Pokmon GO player has 45 smartphones installed on his bike

pokemon go old man

Chen was seen with his new bike with his 45 smartphones in the Taipi Safari Zone, where, according to reports, more time was spent getting crowded than enjoying the Pokmon GO event. The world's best known Pokmon GO player has raised the level, and is now able to enjoy the adventure of pocket monsters with up to 45 smart phones installed on your new bike.

Some devices that They are placed in a kind of support that is located just above the handlebars of the bicycle, a position that allows all terminals to be controlled with just a glance and without obstructing the view of the elderly.

Chen San Yuan is ready to tour the streets of Taiwan again to take over all the Pokmon. For example, this user will not have much trouble completing the event. Starfall or to catch the fifth generation. As always, remember be alert to your surroundings while you enjoy the work of Niantic.

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The popular old man who plays Pokmon GO evolves: use 45 phones
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