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The new gadgets of Facebook Portal go on sale

Facebook is working for some time on its own gadgets, among which we find a whole range called Portal. The main novelty of these Facebook gadgets is the possibility of making video calls and all Alexa functions integrated.

After a long time hearing about these new gadgets, they finally go on sale, we can now reserve them all, now ensuring their launch and compatibility in Spain.

Price and delivery date of the Portal family, the new Facebook gadgets

If we enter the official website of Portal, we find all the prices already established, allowing us to book and receive them before others.

In the case of TV Portal, if we make the reservation the we will receive the next 7 of November in our house and be the first to use this curious gadget that allows us to incorporate it into our television and make video calls through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Buy Portal, the new gadgets of Facebook

The rest of Facebook Portal products can also be reserved and received three weeks before; Portal, Portal Mini and Portal + will be delivered approximately on October the 17th.

Facebook Portal Sale

Although it may seem that there is still much to arrive, it is a strategically planned date given its closeness to the christmas campaign, where product sales skyrocket and technology is increasingly important in this.

If we dare to buy Facebook gadgets, we must keep in mind the offer that is active during pre-sale, which consists of a 50 euros discount, if we acquire two of their devices regardless of the model to choose.

Facebook smart speaker

With this series of products Facebook manages to reach not only our smartphone, but also our room, offering something that seemed old-fashioned but can be very attractive, especially for the Alexa integration and the many possibilities in terms of home automation that it offers us.

We have to wait to be able to tell you more concrete and exact details about what these products offer us that are still to be checked if they have a gap between the great competition of virtual assistant speakers or screens with integrated virtual assistant What's in the market

Will you buy one of these Facebook gadgets to make video calls or do you prefer another of the methods we have available?