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The latest security patch causes blue screens in Windows 10

During the last few days Microsoft has been struggling with a series of problems located in the updateWindows 10 October 2018, which is the last version of the operating system released to date. However, to these problems, another of the same type is added, as some users with HP computers have beenreporting suffering blue screenshots with the last patch.

It seems that this error between Windows 10 and HP computers is focused with the patchKB4464330YKB4462919, which are the most recent cumulative updates of Windows 10. These patches have been installed in both the most recent version of Windows 10 and previous versions, so the affected users are not only those who have decided to upgrade to the last version .

This problem arises when the user of an HP computer proceeds to install the latest patches of Windows 10, something that ends with a blue screen as a result, so Microsoft's solution has been to stop the launch of such cumulative, but those of Microsoft They seem to have found the problem, because they claim that the source seems to be an HP driver that causes the failure, specifically the problematic driver is that of the HP computer keyboard.

Do you have an HP computer?