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the last weekly patch causes problems with the start menu

When 50% of the world's computers have Windows 10 installed, it becomes increasingly worrying and annoying for their users that the number of failures after each update continues to increase, and that is no matter how low the percentage affected, there are still many people.

The last problem caused by a Windows 10 update It has to do with the start menu and has arrived with the weekly update last Tuesday, that is, the KB4517389 patch for the 1903 or May 2019 Update version.

Several users in the Microsoft community forums and in Reddit are reporting critical problems while trying to launch the Start Menu that just stop happening by uninstalling the patch. Microsoft says the problem is not significant, that it does not affect a large number of users and that they are investigating the cause.

As usual, these patches on Tuesday usually add security updates and they come to fix pending bugs of Windows, but in the process they have caused others. And it is not the first time, the Windows 10 May 2019 Update had been a relatively stable release, but each cumulative update that it has subsequently received, has broken something trying to solve something else.

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Cumulative updates of version 1903 of Windows 10 continue to cause problems

Windows 10 Faults

At this point in the life of Windows 10, the system already has a fairly damaged reputation for breaking things with each update, but with the 1903 version it seemed that the problems were going to begin to reduce, especially with the new update policies, however , Multiple patches have broken something trying to solve pending problems.

The system has suffered from strange orange screenshots, there was also a problem of high CPU usage caused by Cortana, but when patching this, the WiFi stopped working on some computers.

The Windows 10 May 2019 Update reached the status of "ready for wide deployment" just a few weeks ago, this means that in theory and according to Microsoft and can be downloaded by all users, and however, it still comes with warnings that it may cause some problems for certain users.