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The iPhone 11 recognize if your screen is not original Apple

iPhone 11 rugged

If your mobile phone's screen is broken you can go to Apple, to stores associated with Apple, or opt for a third-party repair. Third-party repairs are a much cheaper option, so it can be very tempting, especially if we consider that the screen is one of the most expensive components of an iPhone.

But, although it is an economically more affordable option, it is not recommended. Using a non-original Apple screen can cause irreparable damage to your iPhone. From Apple they know it, and that is why they have recently announced that the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will be able to recognize non-original screens of the company, alerting users.

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Apple's official statement

Apple has shared a document in its support center in which they offer all kinds of details about the importance of repairing Apple mobile devices through its technicians and suppliers.

Similarly, the company of the bitten apple has listed a list of problems which can lead to the repair of an iPhone with a screen that is not original:

  • Faults in touches on the screen or touches registered at another point.
  • Registration of accidental touches with the palm of the hand or on the edges.
  • The screen may not turn off during a call.
  • Problems with brightness and color accuracy.
  • The True Tone function does not work correctly.
  • Drain battery unattended.
  • Multi-touch gestures may stop working in certain areas of the screen.

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<p>For these reasons, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will send an alert to users if they detect that the screen comes from third parties.</p>
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