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The iPhone 11 Pro Max does not reach the speed of the Galaxy Note 10+

iPhone 11 Pro camera

Just a couple of days ago we were analyzing a video comparison in which a battery test was carried out among the top-most high-end phones on the market.

In that test we discovered that the iPhone 11 Pro Max had the longest battery life on the market, surpassing the Galaxy Note 10+ and the Huawei P30 Pro, among others.

But you can't always win. On this occasion the iPhone 11 Pro Max Apple has faced the Galaxy Note 10+ of Samsung and … has lost. That is, the Samsung flagship outperforms the most powerful model of Apple.

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The iPhone 11 Pro Max is not the fastest phone on the market

From the YouTube channel of PhoneBuff, they perform particularly reliable speed tests. They are carried out by an automated robotic arm which is pressing on the phone screen to open and close applications.

This time the test tests the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Galaxy Note 10+ with the loading of data from applications and games such as Spotify, Snapseed, Starbucks, ESPN, Subway Surfers …

You can check for yourself how much you have surpassed the Galaxy Note 10+ to the iPhone 11 Pro Max in the following video:

After the speed test, the Galaxy Note 10+ finishes the opening round of applications about 6 seconds earlier than Apple's iPhone 11 Pro Max does. It is a minimal difference, barely noticeable, but the data is there. It is true that it does not really mean that the Galaxy Note 10+ is a more powerful phone, but it is a very reliable way to know the data loading speed of both phones.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10+ features up to 12 GB of RAM while the iPhone 11 Pro Max has 4 GB of RAM, but the merger between software and hardware has allowed Apple to get so close to Samsung's terminal speed.