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The best cheap camera flashes you can find

Taking advantage of natural light is always a good option in photography. However, there will be situations in which you need to give it a more creative touch by adjusting the intensity and hardness of the light with an external flash, a more comfortable and versatile alternative than expensive studio lights. Before, these accessories had a prohibitive price, especially for beginner photographers. But the good news is that some manufacturers have launched more affordable flashes and some adapt features and power to top-quality camera models. In this article we have gathered for you the best cheap camera flashes on the market. Any of them is a good option without your pocket suffering, although the choice depends on you.

best cheap camera flashes


best cheap camera flashes

Do you want a premium flash without a premium price? The Godox VING V860II TTL offers advanced features found in the flagship models of Canon and Nikon, but for much less money than these. This economical flash is a great option to get started in advanced lighting techniques outside the camera thanks to its built-in radio transmitter, which you can control and be controlled by other V860II flashes (Godox also sells an independent transmitter that can be combined with the flash ).

In addition to its wireless controls, the VING V860II has a unique rechargeable battery so you can say goodbye to AA batteries. It has a fast recycling time of 1.5 seconds and can shoot 650 flashes at full power, while the fully articulated flash head is useful for bouncing the light. With a 197-foot guide (with ISO 100 and 200 mm zoom adjustment), it has plenty of scope to illuminate objects at a great distance. It is available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus and Panasonic cameras, and offers measurement through the lens (TTL mode) for automatic flash exposure. It also supports high-speed synchronization, which allows you to shoot beyond the speed limitations of your camera's normal flash shutter.


best cheap camera flashes

The AmazonBasics Electronic Flash is, as the name implies, very basic, but its extremely low price is hard to beat. Its guide number is only 33 feet, so it will not have the reach of the most powerful Godox, but its swivel and tilt flash head, built-in diffuser and eight adjustable brightness levels allow good control of the light output.

Amazon says it works with Canon and Nikon cameras, but in manual mode it should work with most cameras. The flash even includes a built-in slave slave mode to activate several units at once, as long as you have a master unit connected to the camera and a clear line of sight to any remote flash. This flash is not ideal for the photographer who is looking for much more power than the one offered by the pop-up flash, but if you want the rotating head to bounce the flash, it is difficult to find a cheaper flash.


best cheap camera flashes

If you need something more robust than Amazon's basic offer but you can't afford the Godox, this Yongnuo flash might be what you're looking for. The YN 560 IV is the fourth generation of the model, and is a solid iteration of what was already an impressive flash for this price.

Inside the YN560 IV there is a wireless firing system that works alone or hand in hand with the collection of Yongnuo radio transmitters, which helps to create a wireless lighting configuration that does not depend on optical shots based on the line of firing. vision

The flash lacks TTL measurement, so you will have to rely on the manual adjustment of the power, but fortunately, on the days of the digital photography to guess and check, this is not too difficult. With a guide number of 58, you should be getting a higher amount of power than with the AmazonBasics flash, cheaper.


best cheap camera flashes

Neewer is already a name known for its excellent line of affordable lighting equipment. This external flash incorporates a 2.4GHz wireless trigger and comes with a wireless transmitter. Other features include TTL measurement with Canon cameras (see Neewer VK750 II compatibility with Nikon), high speed synchronization, rear curtain synchronization and high speed bursts with lower power levels.

Compared to the Godox model, it has a shorter guide number of 190 feet, a longer recycling time of 3 seconds at full power, and its zoom range is only 105mm, but whether you only use it with the shoe or in conjunction with other flash systems, it will cost you to find a more capable flash at this price.

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